August 21 – Day 233

For National Poet’s Day, I drudged up from the darkness the poem “Gone From My Sight” by Henry Van Dyke to share with you all


My dad’s lifelong friend, Derrick, gave him a book with this poem in it when Sarah died.

I remember him reading it to the clergy woman who was going to run Sarah’s funeral when we were trying to ‘plan’ it (disaster)

My father reading this poem to the women who was to lead his daughters funeral was one of the most profoundly saddest moments of my life

Then during the ceremony, Sarah’s best friend Anne-Marie was the one who read it to the congregation and it came across much more jovial and less tragic, likely because the ceremony was so  ridiculous

Sarah’s mother in law and her undiagnosed histrionic personality disorder had suggested ‘Canon in D major’ or some shit as a song for the ceremony because according to her, two year old Rowan, who’s actual favourite song at the time was Chandelier by Sia, said it was ‘her favourite piece of music’. So they played it on a cassette player and it was scratchy as fuck and insane

There was also a keyboardist stuffed into the middle of the crowd who couldn’t play  and all the songs seriously sounded like this

And then we all went to Jungle Jim’s for nachos and it was the weirdest experience of my life.

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