August 23 – Day 235

National Sponge Cake Day 

Because it is not my ‘cake of choice’, shall we say, I opted for the lazy man’s method of celebrating this often overlooked holiday

Popped into the local grocery store and picked up a box of Twinkies

I think I may have had a Twinkie or two in the past, but it was most assuredly not a regular part of my diet or childhood, and I was quite curious to see if they were as putrid as my memory painted them.

The jarring, teeth aching sweetness was harmoniously balanced with the putrid flavours of sulfuric acid and ethylene!

My memory served me well, this time, it seemed.

After eating one and photographing the rest, I promptly put them in the Food Bank, a true hero.

Apparently they have beef in them, so they aren’t even vegetarian, for the record. Gag. ( I found this out after eating one, by the way)

Happy National Sponge Cake Day !!


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