September 9 – Day 252

Moving to Vancouver meant leaving a lot of things behind… my husband, my Herman, and my teddy bear that my cousin Kory gave me when I was three.

Because my teddy bear wasn’t here to celebrate on National Teddy Bear Day, I decided to celebrate this guy that I made in a self care workshop last year

Pretty nifty, if I do say so myself

September 8 – Day 251

As an adult, I respect the shit out of Star Trek

George Takei is a genius … Nichelle Nichols is a hero and was personally taken aside by Dr. Martin Luther King and encouraged to keep up her work with the show (despite her desire to quit) because representation matters … women had roles of expertise and respect… it dropped America’s first televised interracial kiss… Patrick Stewart/nuff said …

As a kid, however, I was scared to death of it
I hate aliens, I hate outer space, I hate space travel, I hate Spock’s ears.. everything about it creeped me out

There was one episode where they were getting sucked into some giant terrifying space worm and I think I had my first panic attack (circa grade 1)

I remember them like slowly but surely heading into the hell mouth and feeling like I was dying with them. It was horrifying. I can’t believe MLK let his kids watch this

The other episode that comes to mind is the one where these creepy jelly fish type creatures had infested the ship

I remember watching this with Sarah and her telling me that these creatures really do exist in the world, just not in Newfoundland

In attempt to face my childhood fears, I started to watch an episode to celebrate National Star Trek Day, but even the opening credits triggered memories of childhood nightmares and fear of being lost in outer space.

So rather than traumatize myself, I chose to reflect on the powerful and meaningful influence the show had on society and salute it’s cast and creators

Cheers guys


September 7- Day 250

On the drive to Kelowna, my road trip buddy Joe and I stopped in at Old Yale Brewery in Chilliwack to have a few beer samples

I was so surprised and blown away by their Moon Dance Mango Wheat Ale that I had to buy a 6 pack

It’s refreshing, it’s light, it’s crisp, it’s a smidge fruity and entirely delightful

I had ensured to save one from the trip for National Beer Lovers Day and  so when the day arrived, I savoured it with all my heart and soul… and then later that day saw an Old Yale Brewing company van driving down 4th Avenue! So it’s probably available somewhere nearby! I just have to get around to finding it! Yippee Skippee!


September 5 – Day 249

I found this book on the side of the road in a box alongside the Gossip Girl book series and Confessions of a Shopaholic book series

I have mixed feelings about Mindy Kaling…  I really want to like her and find her funny and I’m 100% rooting for her, but she just never does it for me

I figured I would give her another shot and she says in the intro it’s a quick read (see above) so I thought this was a great project for National Read a Book Day… that and stumbling across it on the side of the road felt a bit like a sign.

So I read it.
In one day.
I posted a Boomerang of it on Instagram and alluded to liking it and her and tagged her with hopes she would discover me and make me famous.

That didn’t pan out

So for the record the book sorta sucked

September 4 – Day 248

I’m a lackadaisical vegan, especially when it comes to some national food holidays that are just too annoying to reroute around

National Cheese Pizza Day was one such day so I just took it as it was.
This was mainly because we were in Kelowna where my uncle Bob, who’s famous on TripAdvisor for dropping so much wisdom in his reviews, claims has the best pizza in CANADA.

Yes, in ALL of CANADA

So we had to check it out

Bordellos was the place – an Italian restaurant with pasta, wood fired pizzas and pickle back shots on the menu. Classy

It was full of university aged kids with lip piercings and weird haircuts

We ordered the Margherita because that to me is a cheese pizza with a few leaves tossed on there. Totally counts.

There was a lot of hype over this pizza and it didn’t not live up to it

But we couldn’t figure out if it was the best pizza we’d ever had

This is because we really think all pizza is good

September 3 – Day 247

After my gruelling weekend of camper van drama, I was rescued by Meg and Ashley. They were able to cheer my up with a functioning air conditioned vehicle, craft beer and adventure, which included a trip to  Kangaroo Creek Farm in Kelowna

Not usually one for animals in captivity, I threw morality out the window at the chance to see my first kangaroo as well as a chance to celebrate National Wildlife Day with pizazz!

This is Meg groping an emu

This is a kangaroo just hopping around

This is a kangaroo just lying around

This is me taking a selfie with a kangaroo

This is a kangaroo sitting like it’s on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition

This is me getting on the level with the kangaroos

This is me continuing to be on the level with the kangaroos

This is me and some unknown creature that I let crawl on me

We then saw a guy wearing a confederate flag hat who had children and we were like what kind of fucked up zoo is this?? and left

But not without washing our hands 😉

September 3 – Day 246

 National Pet Rock Day went as well as one would hope

I whipped out some rose quartz, some regular quartz and some chalcopyrite in hopes of giving my real pet some much needed company … as well as emitting equally as needed healing energy, as these particular healing stones are apt to do

Despite Rose Quartz’s ability to promote love and  friendship, nothing seemed to jive

I’m not sure if there was some sort of communication barrier – they all are deaf…

In the end, Duncan ended up being a total Beyonce about everything and I had to put the gang away