September 5 – Day 249

I found this book on the side of the road in a box alongside the Gossip Girl book series and Confessions of a Shopaholic book series

I have mixed feelings about Mindy Kaling…  I really want to like her and find her funny and I’m 100% rooting for her, but she just never does it for me

I figured I would give her another shot and she says in the intro it’s a quick read (see above) so I thought this was a great project for National Read a Book Day… that and stumbling across it on the side of the road felt a bit like a sign.

So I read it.
In one day.
I posted a Boomerang of it on Instagram and alluded to liking it and her and tagged her with hopes she would discover me and make me famous.

That didn’t pan out

So for the record the book sorta sucked

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