September 8 – Day 251

As an adult, I respect the shit out of Star Trek

George Takei is a genius … Nichelle Nichols is a hero and was personally taken aside by Dr. Martin Luther King and encouraged to keep up her work with the show (despite her desire to quit) because representation matters … women had roles of expertise and respect… it dropped America’s first televised interracial kiss… Patrick Stewart/nuff said …

As a kid, however, I was scared to death of it
I hate aliens, I hate outer space, I hate space travel, I hate Spock’s ears.. everything about it creeped me out

There was one episode where they were getting sucked into some giant terrifying space worm and I think I had my first panic attack (circa grade 1)

I remember them like slowly but surely heading into the hell mouth and feeling like I was dying with them. It was horrifying. I can’t believe MLK let his kids watch this

The other episode that comes to mind is the one where these creepy jelly fish type creatures had infested the ship

I remember watching this with Sarah and her telling me that these creatures really do exist in the world, just not in Newfoundland

In attempt to face my childhood fears, I started to watch an episode to celebrate National Star Trek Day, but even the opening credits triggered memories of childhood nightmares and fear of being lost in outer space.

So rather than traumatize myself, I chose to reflect on the powerful and meaningful influence the show had on society and salute it’s cast and creators

Cheers guys


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