October 15 – Day 289

World Student Day 

Being a student….an old, mature student, I chose to honour and celebrated myself today… and my struggle

This is my usual set up, going through my bullshit online readings and drinking enough coffee to make me deranged enough to respond accordingly.


October 14 – Day 288

National Dessert Day 

The sweetest day of the year HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHA!

It seemed like such an ‘obscure’ holiday to the fine folk at CNBC, that it prompted some further investigation on all these ‘strange’ national holidays

I’m over here like bitch don’t get me started

Anyway, I had a donut, as usual

It was ‘meh’ because it wasn’t chocolate

October 13 – Day 287

National Train Your Brain Day!

A day that calls upon it’s celebrators to expand and exercise their brain and use more of its potential capacity through mind games!

I downloaded a bunch of apps and entertained the idea for at least 6 minutes

I heard Luminosity is a farce, so I opted for all the free alternatives.

I played a game where they showed you a bunch of pictures of people and then you had to remember them then match them. I thought I was doing well but it turned out I was ‘average’.

Let the record show I didn’t really pay attention because I was thinking about how I was going to display my results on the internet. I firmly believe I remember better than that

They have since been deleted off my phone

October 12 – Day 286

World Sight Day

I’m blessed with the gift of sight, albeit not 20/20, it is still sight and is corrigible with glasses and contacts. More on that matter here.

Little Duncan might not be able to hear, but thank god he can see.
Here he is looking fabulous sporting a ‘glasses’ sticker from an app


October 11 – Day 285

National Sausage Pizza Day

Sausage is seriously the grossest meat thing I can think of

Luckily Virtuous Pie makes a Vegan Sausage Pizza so I was able to celebrate this national holiday without this stuff entering my body!

Here is what animal friendly sausage looks like … with vegan lime chèvre