Oct 16 – Day 290

World FOOD Day


Whether it’s eating food I have never eaten before and will never eat again (see Oyster Rockefeller Day), foods I’m pretty ‘meh’ on (see Peroigi Day), elaborate weird desserts (Pear saint Helen day), vegan versions of carcass filled classics (Chilli Dog Day, Sloppy Joe Day), or a chance to eat some fattening, sugary garbage (see every pie day ever, every ice cream day ever, the 5000 burger days), this project has, without a doubt,¬†coerced me into eating so. much. food.


On World Food Day, apart from just, like, eating food, I reflected of my food journey. It had some ups (cashew Milk, Macaron Day, German Chocolate Cake Day) and some downs (Banana Cream Pie Day, Pistachio Day).

Food was a cornerstone of this years epic blogging battle and will likely always be my favourite thing… even more revelled than, dare I say, Heman and Duncan?


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