November 8 – Day 313

National Cappuccino Day

In my later years, I’ve taken to ordering ‘lattes’ instead of ‘cappuccinos’, as I grew weary of snooty baristas explaining to me how it’s next to impossible to foam soy/almond/cashew/coconut milk.
Their struggle was too much for me to take.
So I just started ordering lattes so I wouldn’t have to listen to it.

(For the record, all it takes is a bit of focus and effort.)

But for National Cappuccino Day I went for it. At Turf. They make their own Walnut Milk. The French guy with the pony tail that works there not only didn’t faint on the spot, he even offered me a sample of the walnut milk before I committed as he feels like it is a very different flavour than other nut milks.


I gotta be honest – it came out more like a latte than a cappuccino

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