November 9 – Day 314

National Louisiana Day

New Orleans is the best city in America, hands down

I don’t even need to got to any other cities in America.
I’ve been to New York, Las Vegas, Nashville, San Francisco, and Houston
I am completely convinced.
There’s no telling me otherwise.
New Orleans is the best.
And so, Louisiana is the best.

These guys know how to Celebrate Everyday.. Literally

To celebrate, I went through some old Instagram photos of my two trips there with James, Christina and Elliot.
Despite being robbed every time we go and having the most despicable service from the Holiday Inn (our key cards were deactivated and the front desk said ‘not my problem’ and refused to talk to us any further- locked out of our room the whole night), we all still love it there.

So many more photos were taken, but again, we were robbed both time and all were lost that weren’t posted immediately


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