December 27 – Day 262

I’ve made my share of cut out snowflakes.

But more comically, once upon a time I entered a ‘write your favourite Christmas Carnation Milk memory’ contest, hosted by Carnation Milk, with my room mate Ruth.

The prize was $500 and we thought it was worth a shot.

We made up lie about making a bunch of cut out snowflakes as children and tacking them to the window using Carnation Milk then going to Christmas Eve mass. When we returned, our kitten, Mittens, had licked all the milk off and all the snowflakes were littered about the living room.

I can’t believe we didn’t win. At the time, Ruth was living in our closet and her mom kept stealing out empties.

A wild time indeed.

For this National Make a Cut Out Snowflake Day, I made a cut out snowflake… but left Mittens and Carnation Milk out of it…



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