December 31 – Day 366 (??)

So looks like I may have miscalculated a day or two seeing as 2017 was not a leap year and this is apparently Day 366

Oh well  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This is the last day of the year and potentially one of my faves



We got the party started early in the Canary Islands with some mimosas


I quickly converted to straight champagne by mid afternoon


And things had escalated by the time the fireworks started

Anyway, that’s that… for the year, for the blog, for the champagne …. you may have found the ending a little underwhelming.. but


How bout an updated stock photo from the first Christmas after Sarah died and Ellis nabbed my VERY champagne forward mimosa and chugged it like a frat boy before we had the chance to stop him and he went around stumbling and slurring til nap time? Sound good? Here you go :



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