September 9 – Day 252

Moving to Vancouver meant leaving a lot of things behind… my husband, my Herman, and my teddy bear that my cousin Kory gave me when I was three.

Because my teddy bear wasn’t here to celebrate on National Teddy Bear Day, I decided to celebrate this guy that I made in a self care workshop last year

Pretty nifty, if I do say so myself

August 10 – Day 222

Day 222 was my first day back in Vancouver

T’was National Skyscraper Appreciation Day and although Vancouver’s skyline is composed of glass buildings as high and as far as the eye can see, the hazy smoke from the raging wildfires in surrounding areas made them less of an eyesore… er, I mean, visible, yes, less visible

The atmosphere was smoggy and warm. Duncan and I were going to walk over the Burrard bridge to check them out, but breathing was difficult – and this was a ‘good’ day. It had been much worse while I was in Newfoundland

So we just turned back after a few photos

I tried my best to appreciate them!!!

August 9 – Day 221

National Melon Day

So close to National Watermelon Day – I must have a word with the National Holiday Committee….

I bought this melon, thinking it was a cantaloupe, then began to have my doubts as I realized I don’t really know anything about melons and thought maybe this was a honeydew or some shit

It was a cantaloupe, although not quite ripe or pleasant.
In my research, I learned that ZUCCHINIS ARE MELONS
What in the actual fuck

The Cucurbit family .. who knew



August 6 – Day 218

International Sailor Moon Day!!

I relished the opportunity to bust out my Sailor Jupiter tank top and read some manga !

Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts were some of the first positive female cartoon role models my sisters and I were exposed to as kids growing up in the late ’90s. Sailor Uranus and Neptune being a LGBTQ couple was groundbreaking! These girls didn’t take any crap and they were always being vocal about sexism.

This show shaped me and my sisters, 100%.  We went as them for Halloween, I was Jupiter, Sarah was Mercury and Claire was Chibi Moon. Our neighbours were Saturn and Venus.  We used to tape it and rewatch every episode. We had the posters and the soundtrack CD.

So grateful for the chance to celebrate the Scouts and reflect on their contribution to society! In the name of the Moon, I (salute) you!!!!

August 2 – Day 214

National Ice Cream Mother Fucking Sandwich Day, bitches!

Bought these cute little mini 100% vegan guys at the nearby Sobey’s

The ones with the ‘white’ filling are So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Ice Cream Sandwiches and the chocolate filled ones are Tofutti Dairy free Chocolate Ice Cream sandwiches.

I couldn’t decide between the two so I bought both!
These guys brought me right back to grade school recess of days yore

To celebrate this day, James and I pretty much mowed down this entire platter!

July 31 – Day 212

Holy guacamole it’s National Avocado Day 

Avocado is my favourite food, hands down

I know it’s a fruit but I don’t think of it that way – what kinda fruit tastes good with garlic?? Besides tomatoes, I mean

To be even more specific, it’s actually a berry – how weird is that?

I was blessed to have several ripe and ready to go avocados for my photographing and eating pleasure


These guys went well with my baked beans and tofu scramble breakfast…. and just a drizzle of Sriracha


Like how gorgeous is that?

I motion to make National Avocado Day a civic holiday or whatever it takes to be an official day off work and school!


July 30 – Day 211

National Paperback Book Day!!

I was beyond delighted to be home in Newfoundland and to have my ever willing model, Herman, back

He did such a great job raising awareness about literacy for dogs demonstrating his love of reading in this shoot.

He thought The Greatest Hits of Wanda Jaynes by Bridget Canning (his first cousin once removed, fyi) was a real page turner

All the characters were relatable, the story was unique and there were lots of laughs along the way ! He can’t wait for the sequel !

July 29 – Day 210

National Lipstick Day!!

I don’t think I owned a single lipstick up until maybe 2012 ?

But now I own a bunch and get a kick out of wearing really obnoxious shades.
I like the foolish, bright colours like Barbie pink, purples, blues and greens, but also black, because why not

This is by far my favourite colour – NYX Liquid Suede in Sway

But I tried out a pink one for the day

NYX is the best because they have the biggest selection and are really cheap so I would have to say they are my fave. However I do have a sample of Tarte liquid lip colour and it’s formula is way better

Day 205 – July 24

N A T I O N A L T E Q U I L A D A Y 

Another holiday I was counting down the days to celebrate!!!

Being my first full official day in Chrissy’s home territory

She wanted to host a Tequila and Taco Night for me so I could meet her gang of Kitimat pals and us to celebrate National Tequila Day

Initially we thought we would do margaritas, but it felt a little too pedestrian for the occasion and we already had National Margarita Day back in February, so we took it up a notch and made El Diablos!

The recipe I used was more or less as follows:

  • 1.5 oz blanco tequila
  • .5 oz Odd Society Crème de Cassis
  • 1 oz lime juice
  • Dash of Scrappy’s Firewater, or other hot pepper tincture
  • Dickie’s Ginger Beer
  • Lime wheel, for garnish

I had been well prepared for this day – before I left Vancouver, I had driven all over town to get the Scrappy’s Firewater, a habernero pepper bitter, and Vancouver made Dickie’s Ginger Beer, and packed them safely in my suitcase

Shake all ingredients, excluding the ginger beer. with ice, then strain into a glass. Add fresh ice, top with Dickie’s Ginger Beer and throw another few dashes of Firewater, just for kicks.. Best garnished with a lime wheel.

This drink was

Everyone seemed to like them, but the shaking of each individual drink started to grate on me so I ended up making batches a pitcher, throwing in some jalapeño peppers and blackberries. It sort of lost a little of it’s charm in the mass production, but it was still pretty deadly.

Tacos were awesome and so were Christina’s Kitimat crew. Duncan enjoyed all the newfound attention !


Day 198 – July 17

Dear loyal readership,

You may notice from time to time that I get behind in blog posts.

It is not, as one may believe,  a result of the topic getting boring, or my being just entirely too busy, but rather my lag is often sparked by a holiday that I don’t want to talk about. A ‘sore’ spot, if you will.

When a holiday colludes with my anguish as a grieving sister, I just want to walk away.  I put off the blog post and leave it for days… or, as today’s post exemplifies,  weeks.

National Tattoo Day was one such day that caused a domino effect of late posts.

One of my first tattoos was by Lady Lo in St. John’s. This photo was taken by Sarah.

I had designed three nesting doll tattoos in ascending size for my sisters and I. Each had their own dinosaur within – mine a tyrannosaurus rex, Claire’s a brachiosaurus and Sarah’s a triceratops

I never planned on my whole arm being covered in tattoos.
Hell, a large part of me finds tattoos entirely skeety and unattractive.
However I somehow made them a huge part of my grieving process

When Sarah died, Laura, our tattoo artist who is booked up solid for years into the future, made special arrangements to squeeze me in, as well as James, Claire, my sister’s widow and even my mom.


Mom’s tattoo contains no dinosaurs as she doesn’t share the affinity for them

I had Sarah’s name inked onto my bicep and it just grew from there. In the year following Sarah’s death I added fifteen plus tattoos, including mermaids and penguins and Duncan and paper planes.

A word of advice – if you get someone’s name tattooed on you, morons all over the world will think it’s your name, so prepare yourself. I assume it’s a way better time if you get the name of an opposite gender.

If someone doesn’t fall into the latter category of morons, they usually fall into the  grabbing-you-by-your-arm-and-asking-boorishly-“who’s Sarah?”-like-it’s-their-buisiness category of morons.  At this stage, I find myself bluntly tell them Sarah is my dead sister straight up. I actually get off on making them feel bad for being so god damn rude, to be perfectly honest.

One of my favourites is this self portrait I whipped up of Sarah that rests on my shoulder


I thought I might get a new one for National Tattoo Day,  but am feeling a little ‘tattooed out’ this hot and sunny summer having them on display all the time. So instead, I reflected on how far I’ve come and the role tattoos have played in that journey

Thank you to Laura Casey @ Lady Lo’s Custom Tattoos for always being patient and professional and taking me in on short notice and being super clean!