Day 87 – March 28


When I saw that it was National Something on a Stick Day, I immediately thought of my niece and nephews favourite treat:

Cake Pops!

Boy do the kids love these.
And would you believe, despite the few thousand that I have bought in my lifetime, I have never had one myself?

Today was the day, my friends.
It was pouring rain in Vancouver… so bad that Duncan refused to go of the step to do his pee. After running a few school related errands and becoming soaked to the bone, I scurried into the cupcakery called Cupcakes on Broadway. There they awaited – my first cake pop. I picked one up for Christina too.

Once I had ‘done my thang’ photography wise, it was time to actually taste one.
It wasn’t quite the quality of a fine chocolate or piece of fudge, but it wasn’t cake whatsoever. Just a ball of fudgey chocolatey sugar.

No wonder the kids go crazy when they have them, as seen here & here

I managed to handle my sugar high, pretty well  I think, and was able to carry forward with a productive day.

National Something on a Stick Day presented the opportunity for another ‘first’, which I always embrace, but it was, without a doubt, another ‘last’ as well.



Day 78 – March 19th

Today was pretty hilarious.
Which worked out great, as it was National Let’s Laugh Day!

I spotted this gem of a sweat shirt in a shop window on 4th Avenue and, naturally, had to try it on.


It was 179$, which was no laughing matter, so change rooms selfies were all that were procured.

If you have all kinds of money to blow on basic graphic print sweaters that are probably 14$ at cost, knock yourself out  here

Next up, celebration wise, was National Chocolate Caramel Day.
Luckily for me, my little sister Claire sent me a care package that included a Cadbury Caramilk Bar.

It was sickly sweet.

Meg helped me eat some, but I ate most. I don’t think I’ve eaten a full chocolate bar in a long time – makes my teeth hurt.

Now, circling back to Let’s Laugh Day.

My friend Kathleen’s coworkers had conspired to have a surprise birthday party at Catfe, a Cat Cafe for her on this day.
But then she made some pretty important unbreakable plans with a friend from out of town that they couldn’t manoeuvre around so the staff had to reconfigure the plan.
The result was bringing someone’s cat to the regular cafe that she manages to surprise her.

This is pretty hilarious when you think that she would never know, at the time of the ‘surprise’, that the original plan was to go to Catfe.

I felt one cat wasn’t enough, so Meg and I painted cat noses and whiskers on everyone so we could also be considered cats and then we hid under tables while one of Kathleen’s employees called her in feigned panic that she forgot her key to lock up the shop.

Kathleen showed up to lock up the shop and we all did the whole turn-on-the-lights-yell-surprise thing. She was, as one would imagine, quite surprised. Both because of the loud yelling and lights, but also that there were a bunch of people dressed like cats and one real cat in the coffee shop after hours.

I hope everyone keeps their jobs! Happy (early) Birthday, Kathleen!





Day 67 – March 8th

March 8th of 2017 was designated Nation Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day & Peanut Cluster Day.

This was relatively easy to celebrate- my little sister, Claire, is one of those!
(A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, not a Peanut Cluster)

I had the great idea to ‘pay her back’ for the surprise package I had received on National Cereal Day from her with a bouquet of flowers or the like.

But when I went to look up florists in the where she lives, I got to thinking it would be way more fun to send her a pizza and beer and other junk food, for obvious reasons.

One of my really good friends, Craig, lives in the same town as my sister. When I got in touch to ask for his help,  he was more than willing. He even suggested getting a balloon and a card.

I also got it touch with Claire’s room mate to find out when she would be home and to help coordinate.

8 pm seemed like a safe time frame for Craig to come by with the surprise as far as the room mate knew

It didn’t quite work out time wise- Craig spent a lot of time in his car waiting and taking selfies.

But when he did get in her house and Claire came home, it all went better than anticipated.

Craig had a great set up

Wrote a great card

The pizza looked delicious – vegetarian !

He even scored this amazing banana /nutritionist themed balloon…


A video of her surprise can be seen here : IMG_6206

Happy Registered  Nutritionist Dietician Day Claire! Thanks Craig!



Day 57 – February 26

Fucking Pistachio Day


Beautiful photos –  heartbreaking day

Today was the day I officially outlived my sister. Two weeks after my 32nd birthday.

Today was the day my sweet and kind father in law peacefully passed away after his 9  week cancer diagnosis.

Today was the day I bought a 9$ bag of pistachios, diced them up and sprinkled them on chocolate covered bananas and photographed them for a blog about celebrating life. Sarah and Melvin  had the same birthday… September 19th, and middle name, Francis. Life is funny.

Fucking Pistachio Day.




Day 50 – February 19

Holy McMoly ! Day 50 of Celebrating Every Day Literally!!

What a trip.

Sunday was National Chocolate Mint Day. This felt a little trite given that Peppermint Patty Day was a 8 days ago. But it was also an easy out, because I was still tired as all hell from working a job like a real person.

Christina and I lived large today. We decided to go shopping and do brunch. I spent every cent of my hard earned money on a new snowboarding jacket, snowboarding goggles, helmet and mitts, as well as a new highlighter to make my cheekbones glow like unicorn fur.
We also had brunch at this ridiculously cute cafe in North Vancouver called Raglan’s Bistro and it was siiiiick.  I had this eggs Benedict concoction called Lowrider, which had chipotle sour cream and guacamole and it was hands down the tastiest thing I have eaten in a long time.  And we had some badass cocktails

We got home late afternoon and decided to recelebrate National Drink Wine Day because we didn’t feel like we gave it our all yesterday. So we put away our new purchases, put on our onesies, cracked open a few bottles and watched Planet Earth… nearly forgetting to celebrate National Chocolate Mint Day.

Luckily there were a few peppermint patties leftover in the fridge so I was able to indulge with little effort.

Day 46 – February 15

The 15th marked National Gum Drop Day

I initially took this to mean like those bubble gum spheres you see in vending machine, but according to all the other Instagram celebrators it meant a  jujube type candy.

I am not fussy on either, so I really didn’t put much forth in terms of effort on  this one. I had school all day which I am totally over and was feeling an overall sense of malaise.

I bought some Swedish Berries which I consider to be same same as jujubes, threw em my old faithful cutting board with the figurine of Herman Christina gave me for my birthday, ate one, brushed my teeth immediately because I’m neurotic and can’t stand the way candy makes my teeth feel, then called it a day.

I brought the rest of the bag in to my practicum the following day for all the elementary kids to eat and they pretty much went ape shit for them.