December 28 – Day 263



But whatever… tis¬†National Chocolate Candy Day

I busted out some M & M’s, some Hersey Kisses and some Glossettes for the holiday¬†IMG_8953

Ate some, disregarding veganism for the day, got a headache.

The end.

December 19 – Day 354

For National Oatmeal Muffin Day, I whipped up a batch of ‘my’ muffins.

By ‘my’ muffins, I mean, I didn’t really follow a recipe, I just followed my heart


This batch involved flax seed, peanut butter, oats, salt, baking soda, OAT MEAL, chocolate chips, salt, maple syrup, slivered almonds … the usual vegan suspects


They turned out pretty good !


December 16 – Day 351

I spoke too soon, last post, when I said I thought the last of my sucrose laden national holiday themes were coming to an end.

National Chocolate Covered Anything prompted one last kick at the proverbial sugar ridden cat for me!

Chocolate covered Twizzlers!

Just look at the sun beaming in on these teeth rotting little treats.. they were pretty good


December 13 – Day 348

December 13 is National Hot Cocoa Day 

Nabbed myself a coconut milk hot cocoa from a nearby coffee shop. The barista went through great pains to make a beautiful latte tulip design, but FILLED THE JESUS THING TO THE BRIM LEAVING ME NO CHOICE BUT TO SPILL THE BITCH ALL OVER THE GOD DAMN SAUCER WHEN I PICKED IT UP


JUST LOOK AT IT! What a nightmare.

December 4 – Day 339

This oatmeal chocolate chip cookie was purchased at a kiosk at the Granville Island Market and the gulls didn’t manage to grab it away from me while trying to take a photo, so that’s a win for the good guys


It was lack lustre, but prompted me to reflect on all the other cookies I’ve had this year, in celebration.

So for National Cookie Day, take some time to peruse the selection of cookie themed blog posts:

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National Sugar Cookie Day


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NATIONAL OREO DAY omg – this post was a doozy




November 26 – Day 331

As I creep towards the end of this blogging / Instagram process, I realize how much I probably spent at Whole Foods


This little guy was sitting behind the display case, begging to be ravaged the National Cake Day 


There is something so serene and soothing about these photos, I don’t know .. looking at them is kinda like going to a silent retreat



November 20 – Day 325

National Peanut Butter Fudge Day


This, was, like, so easy


I took my vegan dark chocolate chipsimageService.jpeg

And heated the up with my Earth Balance Coconut & Peanut Spread


Like, just in a pan on the stove

When it all began to melt, I stirred it all together, then poured into a parchment paper lined dish and sprinkled with shaved coconut


Then refrigerated


Then mangled them while trying to cut them into bite sized cubes


It’s the taste that counts


November 7 – Day 312

National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day

(Please don’t embarrassingly confuse this with National Chocolate Covered Almond Day, whatever you do- that was sooo July 8th)


I got this bar at Welk’s, one of my favourite little shops in Vancouver. The brand is Galerie aux Chocolat and it’s from Belgium. This bar had almonds WITH the chocolate. I ate the whole damn thing and got a sugar headache.

October 28 – Day 302

National Chocolate Day

I scrambled about the kitchen trying to find a chocolate thing I haven’t ‘covered’ in my daily celebratory journey.
A Costco sized bag of bittersweet chocolate chips was all my cupboards had to offer.
It triggered a painful memory –¬† Duncan once ate a whole bag of these by mousing his way into our bottom cupboard.
He dragged the bag into the living room and into his doggy bed, then ate his hearts delight, rolling about them like Scrooge McDuck in a swimming pool of gold coins.

He was in his glee.
We were in absolute horror.
He is 18 pounds.
The cocoa percentage was 80%.
Cocoa is a neurotoxin for dogs.
He got sick. He puked and puked and shook and shook. We were up all night. He quivered and was weak with illness.


And look who was ready to go for round 2 when I was photographing this handful ??
Special thanks to the random Instagram follower who felt the need to explain chocolate is poisonous to dogs.

So rather than reflect on that horrific night that we nearly lost little Duncan, I encourage everyone to revisit the highlight reel of chocolate themed holidays !

Like National Chocolate Cupcake Day!


…or National Bittersweet Chocolate Day


and National Chocolate Mousse Day


But don’t forget¬†National Chocolate Truffle Day


 National Chocolate Pudding Day!


October 23 – Day 297

National Boston Cream Day


Boston Cream was my favourite donut at Tim Hortons growing up. What rural Newfoundland kid didn’t die and go to heaven when they got to ‘the big city’ and got to lace into so cheaply made mass produced baked goods from a mega chain???!!

My sisters and I used to lick the icing on the top to make it shinier and to deter the others from eating it.

I went to a locally owned and operated donutier in my neighbourhood- Lucky’s Donuts. They have an amazing deal – coffee and a donut for $5. Can’t be beat.

I had a “long John”. It looked like a long Boston cream to me.


Tasted better than Tim’s, that’s for damn sure.