August 31 – Day 243

Trail mix: a hikers bff 

Although a colossal fan of nuts,  I am not keen on raisins or other dried up fruit. There is something inherently  gross about the notion of letting fruit dry out to me.

So trail mix and I have a love/hate relationship

Well, rather,  I have a love/hate relationship with trail mix… I’m sure trail mix doesn’t care about me one way or the other

I definitely love when there is chocolate in there. This particular mix was lacking but she did make a beautiful photo subject

Happy National Trail Mix Day !

August 30 – Day 242

National Toasted Marshmallow Day was brought to you by Dandie’s Vegan Marshmallows (that’s right, marshmallows have gelatine, a derivative of animal skin and bones *gag* and therefore are not vegetarian ) 

I was able to score a stick off the side of the road (if it wasn’t for the side of the road I wouldn’t have anything), poke a marshmallow on top and light ‘er up off my gas range oven… indoors!

She burned absolutely beautifully and tasted glorious

I kept it simple and ate it straight off the street stick. No regrets.

August 29 – Day 241

Months ago… which feels like years ago, I was walking Duncan along a the Arbutus Greenway where there lives a community garden. A place I always internally remark as a ‘thing I should do someday’ which I will never do.

There was a bin of sorts with a “Take as much as you like” sign on it and long branches and sprigs of bay leaf in it

I grabbed several stickfuls and brought them home and let them dry out

I’ve thrown them in soup, chilli, curry, and pasta …because I literally have no idea what they actually taste like and have thousands on hand

For National More Herbs Less Salt Day, I thought I’d bust them out and use them in the chilli I made as meal prep for the week that lay ahead

 It went as usual, I threw them in the pot and the chilli tasted delicious. Who can say if it is the bay leaves, all or any of the other ingredients, or sheer talent ?

I also tried burning them as one burns sage or incense … and didn’t get much out of the ordeal


August 27 – Day 239

Welcome to National Banana LOVERS Day

If you don’t love Bananas, GTFO

Also if you were looking for regular National Banana Day, click here (.. and that was like 130 days ago,  weirdo)

So healthy
So portable
So good with chocolate, peanut butter, and or ice cream…

…and so beautiful

Real bananas have curves

August 25 – Day 237

When I think of Whiskey Sours, I recall my first year university days, a blurred stage of constant underaged drinking and feigned abject poverty purveyed to my parents to fund aforementioned underage drinking. Myself and my two best buddies at the time, Rod and Louie, would drink Wiser’s Whiskey and Lime Crush

I reflect on that time and that ‘cocktail’ and like to think the beginning of my refining my palette for the Whiskey Sour Cocktail we all know and love today

For National Whiskey Sour Day, I DIY’d it, as a lot of placed put egg whites in it and that is straight up sick.

It was simply the combination of

  • 2 oz whiskey
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • tablespoon of simple syrup

Garnished with a lime

I sat back and drank this with the company of Duncan.
Although he is my favourite company of all, I couldn’t help but feel a little nostalgic for the days of yore and Rod and Louie’s company and sense of humour and the foolishness of university life in general.
Being back in school as a ‘mature’ student, is undoubtedly not the same.



August 24- Day 236

International Burger Day !

This is one of those holidays I would compartmentalize in the ‘recurring’ category.   This guy has been showing up under slightly different guises ( see National Veggie Burger Day  and National Hamburger Day and pending National Cheeseburger Day ) and I keep falling for it.




This was my first time at Tera V Burgers , which is just a few blocks away and entirely vegan and I was always curious about but could never commit.

I nabbed this guy before heading to see one of my ALL time favourite bands, The Descendents. ( ALL in all caps is a clever pun if you are familiar with their discography and side projects but I’m presuming no one reading this is.. mainly because I’m presuming no one is reading this, Sean Spicer Period).

It was great – both the burger then the show. One of those days that’s easy to celebrate



August 22 – Day 234

Fucking National Eat A Peach Day people

I mean, the pictures look amazing though

… almost as though

….you’d never know 

… that there were no ripe peaches to be had so I had to buy this hard as rock mother fucker just to hack it up then throw it in the garbage for this stupid blog, eh?

August 19 – Day 231

So totes adorbs story, folks :

Once upon a time, James and I had Airbnb guests stay with us for a month back in St. John’s.

It went well, he was a doctor doing his residency and she was just visiting. We gave them rides, lent them our bikes, brought them to CrossFit etc etc.

Flash forward to a couple weeks ago, I get a message through Airbnb from them. They live in Kelowna nowadays, how’s Duncan, they’d love to get together,  is The Pickle free tonight?

I was home in NL, but I arranged for Kathleen to prep it for them and told them they could stay for free

I told them James and I are heading to Kelowna for Labour Day weekend. Unfortunately they will be out of town, but they went on to offer their bike trailer, access to their rooftop bathroom and shower etc etc while we are there.

We went on to text about our emotional support animals and vegan dining. She threw out two places in Vancouver that she loves that I had never heard of before – Umaluma vegan gelato and Kokomo’s vegan restaurant.

So you know, I had to go try these out

Kathleen and I … and Siri, found Kokomo’s and had the Coastal Macro bowl and Earl Grey Kombucha. It was amazeballs. I never use that expression but it just really fits right now, ok?

They also have… *drum roll* VEGAN SOFT SERVE

And lucky for them (but sad for my wallet) it was National Soft Serve Day ! (Yes, another god damn ice cream centred holiday)

I literally said that to the cashier

Then Kathleen and I shared one Au Natural Coconut Whip Soft serve (we shared one so we could save room for the vegan gelato a block away)

To be honest, it was a bit meh and even more pathetic, my teeth have been super sensitive from having to use a new toothpaste instead of my usual Sensodyne so it was half painful

But I am glad we checked  it out – lovely place, lovely service, lovely time and lovely company

August 18 – Day 230

Oooh so this one is a bit of a cop out slash cheat but the bar I work at has a new menu item – Tofu Lettuce Wraps

T’was National Fajita Day and sautéed veggies and tofu and a wrap is pretty fajita-y to me !
I had work (as usual it seems) and managed to wolf this between slinging beers, mixing cocktails and running food ! It has been crazy there lately !

It’s not much to look at and the lighting is pretty terrible but it definitely served it’s purpose today!

August 13 – Day 225

August 13th, National Prosecco Day, didn’t quite get celebrated the way you’d think

Instead of sipping bubbly or knocking back mimosas, I spent the day in a line up to be served by The Soup Nazi

Larry Thomas, the Emmy nominated actor who played The Soup Nazi on the Seinfeld episode “The Soup Nazi”, was dishing out soup in New Westminster to fundraise for the BC wildfires

The line up was backed up around the block

We waited for hours and hours

In light of recent events in Charlottesville, we sort of felt weird about honouring anyone with ‘nazi’ in their title

But in the end, the opportunity to meet such an iconic figure overrode the moral turmoil and we stuck it out

Luckily they had a vegan option so I didn’t have to get yelled at

He even let Duncan in.. although he was completely unmoved by his cuteness

And yadda yadda yadda, National Prosecco Day was done