Day 19 – January 19th

National Popcorn Day (and Get To Know Your Customers Day but… ) !

Christina and I decided to celebrate this day by eating all kinds of junk food! We usually just eat salads and wine!

So I got some cookies and ice cream and made ice cream sandwiches.

I popped the kernels on the stove top using coconut oil and melted some butter with Sriracha sauce to douse the popcorn in.

Then, once we had all our unhealthy snacks in order, we put on a movie.

“Going Clear: Scientology and The Prison of Belief”

Would you believe I already saw it?

I relearned that a lot of people are insane.

This is what we looked like to all the internet hackers for about an hour and a half

Duncan really likes popcorn in case you were wondering

Because I didn’t have to overexert myself celebrating on National Popcorn Day, I decided to revisit National Rubber Ducky Day. I felt really guilty about skipping it because I really like Rubber Duckies and came across some Rubber Duckies pretty much the next day.

So to commemorate their hard work and sacrifice, I took a moment out of National Popcorn Day to honour them.





Day 16 – January 16th

The third Monday of January is decidedly Martin Luther King Jr Day. This year it fell on January 16th. Although I am Canadian, his impact and importance is not lost on me. I don’t really have the words right now to articulate what his legacy means to me and how important the work he was able to do during his short time on earth was. I can’t believe right now, in the United States, they are commemorating this brave, intelligent revolutionary on one day and inaugurating a sexist, racist potential rapist four days later. So much progress has been made yet not nearly enough.

Rest in Power, sir.

It was also National Fig Newton Day  & Nothing Day.

I chose to merge the two by eating nothing but fig newtons for the entire day.

This was a terrible idea. Mostly because fig newtons, themselves, are terrible.

Duncan didn’t think so though, god love him.

Hope it doesn’t make him die.

My day started with one for breakfast. I hadn’t really ever eaten one before. Weird, I guess. They tasted as I anticipated. Like processed, packaged food. Mmm.

I brought the pack to school. I deliberated about sharing. I thought it would be a totally weird food item to present to the class.

“Hey guys, anyone want some fig newtons?”

“Gee, Jennah,  you sure like fig newtons”

“No, not whatsoever”

Then having to eat nothing but fig newtons for lunch in front of them.

I also was worried about my supply. What if everyone said yes? That would deplete my ration tremendously. I imagined running out and having to go back to the grocery store to buy more just to get through the day and having the same cashier (Carlos! From Cuba!) and him remembering me buying them yesterday and him saying “Gee you sure like fig newtons!”

To him I would just say ‘yes’, though, as there’s 0% chance of him surprising me with a box at school sometime and me having to feign delight.

So I opted to keep the fig newtons, and this project in general, to myself. At least for now.

At lunch I pulled two out and ate them inconspicuously enough. That’s all I could handle.

I did have a London Fog coconut milk latte with a class mate after school though.  This gave me the sustenance needed to get home and get to work on a paper about Jungian theory and the role assessment plays in it. I have no idea what I wrote and it definitely wasn’t long enough. I’ll blame it on Fig Newton delirium.

When the paper was all pumped out, a feeling of complete starvation came over me. I decided, then, to ‘celebrate’ and to break my Fig Newton fast by making myself and Christina some lovely burrito bowls. We then carried on with the celebrations by knocking back a few bottles of wine.

No more fig newtons for me, ever. Unless, like,  in post apocalypse kinda situation and they are all that’s in a mystery bunker I discover and I hadn’t eaten for weeks and I’m drinking my own urine too and stuff. Maybe then.

Tomorrow though, will be National Hot Buttered Rum Day & Bootlegger Day. Sounds booze fuelled- my kinda day.



Day 14 – January 14th

Happy National Dress Up Your Pet Day & National Vision Board Day (& National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day) !

It was a crisp, sunny day here in Vancouver city. Duncan and I had a run through Kits beach and the most part of the seawall. A lot of energy was burned indeed.

I brought him home, tuckered out. He usually howls when I leave, but he just stayed put on the couch with his eyes barely open and a, “you don’t need me to come with you, do you ?” look on his face.

I darted out to the nearest dollar store  to get some Bristol board for vision boards! … and glue sticks and markers and stickers.

Duncan had mentioned he wanted to go with something subtle, yet elegant for Dress Up Your Pet Day, so I picked him up this classic glitter cowboy hat. Just his size.

He enjoyed every minute of the photo shoot



Then Christina came home and we got to work envisioning our future. We had limited collage material. This is a regret.  I should have done a better job hunting and gathering supplies. I felt my visions of the future were limited to alternative health flyers and the stickers that Kathleen had gifted me.

We set the scene according to a how-to-vision-board blog post found on Pinterest. It told us to

  • clear off table space
  • gather all crafting and collage supplies
  • arrange your healing crystals around your work station (obvi)
  • light candles
  • sing to your angels

We followed all these steps and added some more! We included:

  • drink a couple bottles of wine
  • order some vegan pizzas in retaliation of National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day
  • take a few clamazipans, for good measure
  • put on some trance music to incite visions

I’ll reiterate here that I felt limited by the collage supplies and add fuzzy from the wine-clamazipan medley.

But I think I can buy into the laws of attraction – if you envision something you will receive it – plan for your dreams concept. However I just really can’t get behind looking at a sheet of Bristol board with stamps and stickers and magazines modge podged  on it everyday to achieve my wishes.

Chrissy was a real wiz at it

Her board was well organized and strategized. Much like her life. Probably why she’s highly successful in her chosen field of geology, despite her complete lack of knowledge on magic gemstones and healing crystals.

Mine was considerably less organized and much more dog focused.

Another day, another thing I never did before !

Hopefully my future does entail more dogs and bags of money !!!

Up next is National Hat Day and National Strawberry Ice Cream Day!