Day 94 – April 4

Quelle Surprise – National Vitamin C Day, Walking Day & Jeep 4×4 Day was a rainy one.

Luckily for me, Christina owns a Jeep 4×4 ! As well,  we are on a mega health kick right now so we have loads of fruit around for Vitamin C Day. And Duncan is always up for a walk!

This day fell right into my lap.

These fruit were literally just lying around!


We have a fancy new juicer with which I made a fancy new juice

To replicate this refreshing concoction, I recommend juicing the following:

  • 1 beet
  • 1 grapefruit
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 hunk of ginger
  • 1 hunk of tumeric
  • 3 celery stalks
  • pinch of cinnamon

It was tasty and nourishing and I presume full of Vitamin C.
Easy as pie… juice.

Next, I had to take Duncan for a walk because he was feeling neglected in light of the new juicer (he is literally like that). Being National Walking Day, that worked out great. I thought of taking him somewhere out of the ordinary using the ol’ Jeep 4×4, in honour of Jeep 4×4 Day. Two birds, one stone.


Here I am in front of the jeep


Here is the Jeep in its entirety

And here’s Duncan at the Jericho Beach, which we drove in the Jeep to get to.

Just pumping these celebrations out!


Day 93 – April 3

Another day, another chance to celebrate a random, highly caloric, food.

Welcome to my National Chocolate Mousse Day, everyone.

It started with my awaking in a state of absolute exhaustion from working so late two nights in a row and not being able to sleep in because our building is under an incessant state of renovation and the chief worker likes to yell at people, including his girlfriend, about their sex life, on his cell phone, in the hallways, at 7 am.  Plus the drilling and sawing and banging and vacuuming.

I was so tired and hungry on National Chocolate Mousse Day that I couldn’t think straight and it took me a while to get my wits about me to leave the house in search of food.

This bumbled trip involved a really long line up at the Whole Foods Burrito Bar to get a ginormous yet flavourless burrito, and a thing of chocolate mousse.

The sad part was that as soon as I stepped out of Whole Foods, there before me was the cutest most amazing authentic Bolivian food truck boasting vegan tacos and coconut rice. I was devastated. I was too stuffed from my underwhelming burrito to double down… which is a testament to the Whole Foods burrito, because this woman can eat.

Letting bygones be bygones and not shedding a single tear, I shuffled home with my chocolate mousse, as it was National Chocolate Mousse Day not Chain Grocery Store Burrito Day nor Bolivian Food Truck Taco Day.

I was actually so stuffed from that god damned burrito it was hard to eat mousse… which is really just chocolatey air, aimiright?

And that, folks, is how one celebrates National Chocolate Mousse Day when they are tired as bejesus and find out that making it involves eggs and heavy cream and an assortment of other ingredients that aren’t handy.


Day 92 – April 2

Probably anyone that knows me, knows of my affinity for Peanut Butter.

Peanut butter & chocolate, peanut butter & banana,  peanut butter in a smoothie, peanut butter cookies, peanut butter straight out of the jar…

April 2nd was National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day.

Of all the dynamic duos that Peanut Butter is contributed to, PB  & J may be my least favourite, never mind trite af.

Nevertheless, I decided to partake unflinchingly  in it’s celebration this day.

I did a little research to find out wtf jelly actually is. This website explained that jelly is made from the juice of fruit while jam is made of crushed fruit. However, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, jam and preserves are to be considered the same thing.

If the U.S Food and Drug Admin thinks they are the same, then so will I, undoubtedly, forever. Also I imagine jelly having gelatine in it and meat is murder, people.

Without further ado,
My Groundbreaking and altogether Revolutionary PB & J Recipe:

  • 2 slices of bread ( I used whole grain) toasted
  • 2 tablespoons of jam ( I used strawberry)
  • 3 tablespoons of peanut butter (I used all natural & smooth)
  • optional : hemp seeds & honey (I used both)

Toast the bread. Slather the jam on one slice, peanut butter on the other. Sprinkle hemp hearts and drizzle honey on either slice. Place together. Voila

It was a thing of beauty and a reminder of an era bygone.



Day 91- April 1


The first day of April and the 91st day of celebrations

April Fool’s Day just felt too pedestrian for me these days, so I did some further research and discovered that it was also World Pillow Fight Day

Christina was at work so I was left with Duncan to engage in pillow combat with. I made a slow motion video of the ‘attack‘.

He didn’t take kindly to my gentle pillow tosses.


Nor did he grasp the concept of ‘fighting back’

Bit of a bust, really.




Day 90 – March 31

The last day of March, and my 90th day of celebrating at least one national or international holiday a day was indeed, National Crayon Day.

This particular Crayon Day was unlike any other. Crayola, the company that is virtually synonymous with the modern crayon, decided to end it’s 27 year run with the crayon colour Dandelion. This crayon was best known for making sunlight, giraffe hair and, that’s right, dandelions, all that more realistically represented by children far and wide for nearly three decades.

That’s cold, Crayola.

In protest, I bought a bargain brand of crayons at the drug store to celebrate the holiday. Do ignore the ableist branding, I didn’t notice until I brought them home and it was too late.

I drew a quick sketch of Bat Girl and made a time lapse video of my colouring it in and posted it on Instagram


I was then so pleased with myself, I framed it



Day 89 – March 30

Thank goodness National Walk in The Park Day fell on the one sunny day Vancouver has ever had in the history of it’s existence

Duncan hasn’t been out for a good burn in a while due to abominable weather. He is a true wuss.

Kathleen & I chose to take Duncan, and ourselves, to the nearest park which was Kitsilano Beach Park, a park, by the beach, in Kitsilano- a demonstration of pure ingenuity by the people of Vancouver with that name, for sure.


Duncan lead the way through sand, trees, shrubs and bridges.

We were all pretty spent when we got home, so much so that I nearly forgot it was National Pencil Day

I had thought I would dazzle my Instagram following with an amazing feat of artistic talent using my full scale pencil set. I was gonna shade and smudge and really show everyone out there what I’m made of… but couldn’t think of what to draw.

While racking my brain, I recalled the drawing contests published in Archie comics from my childhood and tried to look up what the scholarships they boasted handing out were actually for. I couldn’t find much on it

I did, at least, find the image I was looking for and was able to recreate it

Hopefully the artist scouts will be in touch shortly with my cash money


Day 88- March 29

The 88th day of my celebratory journey was yet another rainy one.

Like fucking downpour. Like I had to turn back to get an umbrella and still was soaked when I got to school kinda rain.

So over it.

It was National Lemon Chiffon Day, which was quite the mission.

I searched high and low. I went all through Granville Island Farmers Market, I popped into the vegan gluten free bakery by my gym, and tried Whole Foods. There were no Lemon Chiffon cakes to be had, or any lemon anything, really.

I refused to make a whole cake on this day because
a) I don’t even like lemon cakes
b) I still have god damn chocolate covered raisin oatmeal cookies left from last baking episode
c) time was of the essence

So I bought a small piece of junky cheapy vanilla cake from Safeway that had putrid lemon frosting splurged on top of it and cheated.

I sliced up a real lemon to try and make amends with myself for failing on this plight.

It was a really shitty cake. The icing was definitely made of lard and the stuff that could turn a few unassuming little pet shop turtles into Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, & Raphael.


And I ‘hate ate’ it too.


Day 87 – March 28


When I saw that it was National Something on a Stick Day, I immediately thought of my niece and nephews favourite treat:

Cake Pops!

Boy do the kids love these.
And would you believe, despite the few thousand that I have bought in my lifetime, I have never had one myself?

Today was the day, my friends.
It was pouring rain in Vancouver… so bad that Duncan refused to go of the step to do his pee. After running a few school related errands and becoming soaked to the bone, I scurried into the cupcakery called Cupcakes on Broadway. There they awaited – my first cake pop. I picked one up for Christina too.

Once I had ‘done my thang’ photography wise, it was time to actually taste one.
It wasn’t quite the quality of a fine chocolate or piece of fudge, but it wasn’t cake whatsoever. Just a ball of fudgey chocolatey sugar.

No wonder the kids go crazy when they have them, as seen here & here

I managed to handle my sugar high, pretty well  I think, and was able to carry forward with a productive day.

National Something on a Stick Day presented the opportunity for another ‘first’, which I always embrace, but it was, without a doubt, another ‘last’ as well.



Day 86 – March 27

This was quite the strange holiday, I have to admit.

It was National Joe Day– a day to celebrate all the Joes you may know.

I know one or two but they aren’t around.

I had my first class back after having ‘spring break’ in the morning and Christina had arranged a spa day for all of us, including my mom, for the afternoon. En route to the spa, I took note of a restaurant called JOEY’S.

Apparently it is a chain that was founded in Vancouver.

We decided to pop in there for a bottle of wine post spa to celebrate Joe Day and hoist a glass to Joe’s everywhere.

It was pretty nice in there but we thought we should up the celebratory ante by taking a photo with the sign, posing with a compact mirror featuring Joey Smallwood, the last father of confederation

I think it went remarkably well.

Here’s to you, Joes.


Day 85- March 26

March 26 is National Spinach Day

Allow me to share a pictograph I found through a basic Google search that I will take as gospel… or fact, rather.

There you go. Eat spinach.

I drank mine to celebrate the day, in the form of Popeye Mylk by K & I Juice Co

It was a concoction involving spinach, apple, parsley, hemp & cinnamon. I saw it at Whole Foods, thought it was different …and a bit of a gamble.

But it paid off – I found this beverage to be absolutely delightful and I would have it again tomorrow… if it wasn’t $9, that is.