December 11 – Day 346

Living in Vancouver and having access to The Pickle granted me access to some surreal mountain scenery


This was the view from the vantage point on the Brohm Lake Hike I did with Graham, Kathleen and Duncan this summer


Here is a horrible photo of me, but stunning one of Duncan and some glacial mountains at Joffre Lake. It was a hot and dirty hike but, obviously, well worth it for the scene


Here is Duncan and I at One Mile Lake, where I had a swim and scrub after hiking up to Joffre Lakes while Duncan howled on the shore


This is the view from Harrison Hot Springs. James and I went there for a romantic getaway – thanks Christina for letting us take the jeep !


And this is my favourite mountain range picture – Rowan’s Art! I like to think she made it thinking of me, as I had explained I live in Vancouver where there are lots of mountains. But who knows. She doesn’t remember why.

Her father sent me this picture one day. I had had a meeting with the Sarah’s Cards board members and we had discussed having a colour palette for the next edition to keep some uniformity. When I saw this piece of work, I thought “This is going to be Rowan’s contributing card and this will be the pallet”. And everyone agreed. And it was a great choice.


So, because I couldn’t get out and enjoy the mountains as I would have liked, I decided to make a little homage to the mountains for my cousin Jessica’s upcoming birthday.

I’d seen these kicking around the Pinterest-osphere so I thought I should get around to making one. I free handed everything. Pro tip- buy a cheap $3 bed pillow from Wal-Mart instead of ‘professional craft filling’ from a sewing shop. Also following the instructions that involve sewing the white/snow part first. I skipped over that and it was an ordeal




National Mountain Day well spent!


December 10 – Day 345

Gotta come clean
As much of a beer connoisseur or uncertified cicerone I play at being, I have to admit I love a plain old boring lager

Nothing crisper, more thirst quenching or more ideal for quantitative consumption than a lager beer


This National Lager Day called for a little Vancouver favourite – Stanley Park Brewing’s West Coast Lager

December 8 – Day 343

Seeing as there have been a few brownie themed days so far ( National Cream Cheese Brownie Day, National Blondie Day ), I reinvented the wheel this National (standard) Brownie Day, and made BOX brownies!


These guys were made for the sole sake of putting them in The Ridiculous Dessert, a family favourite

You need 4 boxes of packaged chocolate mousse (and it’s required ingredients), a carton of whipping cream (whipped with vanilla and sugar), a box of brownies (baked and crumbled) and like 12 SKOR bar bars (crumbled).

In a large trifle dish, layer these items brownie/chocolate mousse/ whipped cream/ skor bar until you run out



December 7 – Day 342

Cotton Candy was one of my favourite things as a kid. I used to love when ‘the fair’ (Thomas Amusements) would come to town so I could get my paws on it

It was also my favourite scent – any lip gloss or perfume or shampoo that smelled like it was a total shut-up-and-take-my-money moment

I didn’t even know where to find cotton candy for National Cotton Candy Day

Luckily Bulk Barn came through in a pinch

As an adult, who is not nearly as sugar crazed, I now get to see it for the beautiful, colourful cloud-like bundle of aesthetic wonder that it is


This lot looks like sparrow


This one looks like a cumulus cloud


This one a cirrus cloud

I feel like I could start an Instagram all about it – shapes of cotton candy, the modern day Rorschach test

December 6 – Day 341

I honestly thought I was being a huge prick by just putting a mitten on a tree for National Mitten Tree Day (I assumed it was some sort of charity thing where mittens are given to those in need), but it turns out I was on point :

How to celebrate Mitten Tree Day
In order to celebrate this holiday, the best thing to do is have a bunch of mittens ready, and set them on our Christmas tree, one per each branch until we either run out of branches to use for holding the mittens, or we run out of mittens to put on the branches of the tree.



December 5 – Day 340

Now this is hilarious

I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted black skinny jeans. And then I got ’em. In fact, I have several pairs. In fact, in fact, in fact, I have ONLY black skinny jeans.

What prompted this desire?

The Ramones.

The iconic photo of the guys, wearing leather jackets and black skinny jeans was the aesthetic I was in pursuit of

Blue jeans, not so much. I have one pair. But I think they are lame.



Usually this iconic photo is in black and white


What a fool am I

Anyway, I deck Duncan out in a pair of blue jeans for  because he looks better in them




December 4 – Day 339

This oatmeal chocolate chip cookie was purchased at a kiosk at the Granville Island Market and the gulls didn’t manage to grab it away from me while trying to take a photo, so that’s a win for the good guys


It was lack lustre, but prompted me to reflect on all the other cookies I’ve had this year, in celebration.

So for National Cookie Day, take some time to peruse the selection of cookie themed blog posts:

National Pecan Cookie Day


National Sugar Cookie Day


National Peanut Butter Cookie Day   – recipe included!


National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day – heart warming story included


National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day – recipe included


NATIONAL OREO DAY omg – this post was a doozy




December 3 – Day 338

For National Make A Gift Day, I chose to do a cross stitch hoop inspired by a few I’ve seen making their rounds on Pinterest and Instagram

My sister in law Hannah and her husband Corey just bought a swingin’ new house in the ritzy part of town so I wanted to make them something so they wouldn’t forget where they came from


My friend Meg and I grabbed some craft beers and some craft supplies and had a pretty thorough crafter noon

This was the end result

Pretty cute, right?
My friend Mike also texted me, he was at his partner’s relatives home. One of them had been a school teacher of Sarah’s. This was hanging on their tree
A gift from her when she was 11. Break your heart.