Day 195 – July 14

So gotta come clean: I actually sneakily celebrated National Mac and Cheese Day, yesterday when I had that god awful poutine

HOWEVER, I didn’t eat it all at that time and had taken a ‘doggy bag’, as they were once called.

This National Macaroni and Cheese Day had a tight schedule of enjoyable things I had to do

I had to go on a hike with Ashley, Ian, Duncan and Toast in Quarry Rock, then I had to go to Vancouver Folk Festival and see my all time favourite musician, Billy Bragg play TWICE.

Duncan and I finally got to  nail our Lion King pose

Also I had a beer.

Busy busy busy

After the hike, I had just enough time to shower, pack a bag with snacks, blankets, sunscreen and a thermos of rosé wine, and wolf down the remaining Macaroni and cheese from the day before

Mac and cheese is my favourite, so I was on the hunt for the best vegan Mac and cheese Vancouver had to offer. I’ve had a few here in the city, but this one from Wallflower Diner was touted the best according the plebeians who put in the time making Yelp reviews

It was ok.
They used that Daiya orange fake cheese which is pretty nasty, but if I avoided the top, it wasn’t half bad.

Then it was get the f to the festival for Billy Bragg’s Working Class Hero set with Rhiannon Giddens et al.

I was thiiiiis close. It was bananas


Day 187 – July 6

International Kissing Day  

Duncan gets so many kisses all the time . And not just from me…and Kathleen… and Chrissy.. but from strangers.
Just today, a full grown bro dude waiter guy putting out the sandwich board of his restaurant picked Duncan up and kissed him.
Leave it to Duncan to combat toxic masculinity with nothing but bandana and a smile.

He isn’t one for returning kisses. He’s more of a snorter.

He was super embarrassed after this shoot because the red lipstick stain is now just part of his fur. Oh well.

Day 184 – July 3

National Eat Your Beans Day!

( Not to be confused with National Bean Day,  of January 6th fame )

T’was a Monday and I was notified pretty much last minute that my practicum was cancelled that day.
My classmate Marija had asked to get together for a dog walk about a week ago, after this now cancelled practicum, and so I tried to move it to earlier in the day.

Turns out I’m the only morning person out of the two of us.

I had suggested we walk around Buntzen Lake  and then check out Brewery Row in Port Moody- a series of four microbreweries all on the same row. Twin Sails, Parkside Brewery, Moody Ales, and Yellow Dog Brewery.

It was a long weekend so everyone and their dog had the great idea of going to Lake Buntzen. It was so hectic there that they just shut down the road that leads to it because it was too overcrowded.

So we made due with going to Belcarra Provincial Park.  It was hot as hell and midday at this point, causing little Duncan to collapse theatrically in panting fits every few metres, so we cut the hike short and went to check out the beer!

All the breweries were great – Brewer’s Row was pretty much heaven. Also mostly dog friendly. Parkside Brewery had the best deck – dog treats and water and astroturf, killing it. Moody Ales had the most adventurous brewskis going- Pineapple Hefeweizen? Lemon Matcha?


But Twin Sails had the best beer. Period.
( *please envision that said like Sean Spicer)

AAAND best food truck – The Truckeria.

There I scored some Black Bean tacos so I could get my Eat Your Beans Day on! Plus the owners humoured my clunky, rusty, forgotten Spanish!! They were from Mexico and sweet as pie.

These tacos were so delish and paired perfectly with my little smaller of Twin Sails beer. Eat You Beans Day was celebrated  to the max ! Annie and Duncan wanted in on the action too!

Day 172 – June 21

Well it was World Yoga Day… again
You may recall this time lapse video and this blog post from my 53rd day of celebrating every day literally.
I’m guessing, maybe, the concept is that every day is World Yoga Day.
Who knows.
On THIS particular World Yoga Day I headed to Kits Beach for a free group yoga practice in the park with Duncan and a bunch of strangers

It was sunny yet breezy and Duncan and I scored a nice shady spot.
It was a Hatha class and the instructor was marvellous

Duncan was really well behaved and gave me lots of encouragement by snorting in my face whenever I was low to the ground

He was really bad at most of the poses, as you can see, but that’s why it’s called a yoga ‘practice’ and not a yoga ‘Stanley cup final’, god bless him.

Day 167 – June 16th

Happy National Flip Flop Day 

For those of you who may be wondering the origins of the flip flop – the answer  is Egypt.

For those wondering about when they became a integral piece of western foot couture, it was during WWII- the soldiers were bringing them back from Japan to America

I am eternally grateful for their service in keeping a barrier between me and disgusting pool decks/change room floors

You can catch myself and Duncan celebrating them real hard here

Day 145 – May 25th

National Towel Day!

Another great holiday I am willing to celebrate the shit out of

I love nothing more than fresh clean towels

…well I guess I love Duncan more


We have a fat stack of fresh white towels are our spot

I am known to wash them (too) frequently

My favourite part of staying at a hotel is using all the towels they have to offer and then thrown’ ’em on the ground, all reckless about the environmental impact

YAY! Gonna go fold some right now

Day 141- May 21

What a great follow up day to National Pick Strawberries Day; Sunday, May 21st, was National Strawberries & Cream Day!

I scoured the grocery store for some of that coconut whipped cream I have seen and used in the past, to no avail. The only option they had was ‘Cool Whip’. I really just wanted something to work with for a photo shoot, so I  was delighted to discover that it’s actually just composed of random oils and chemicals! No real dairy as far as I could tell. Simply marvellous!

I can’t recall when I had it last, but I remember thinking it was terrible stuff.
Turned out to not be so bad. Not sure if it counts as cream, being constituted of high fructose corn syrup and Polysorbate 60 (used in sexual lubricants and beauty products, a chemically-derived emulsifier has been linked to organ toxicity, diarrhea and tumours in lab mice) but hakunah matata.



Day 138 – May 18th

T’was National Notebook Day.
Being somewhat of a Notebook Enthusiast, I thought about buying yet another notebook to celebrate the holiday.
However, having about 100 beautiful ones already kicking around, completely unused, I decided to just honour the best ones.

My mom picked up this little French bulldog one for me when she was visiting at the ‘daiso’ Christina and I love to go to. I had bought the same one for James as a stocking stuffer Christmas time.

The “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” Notebook was a going-away gift from my friend Crystal. We know each other from working together at a restaurant when my sister died. She was the first one there at the memorial blood drive to donate blood. Last summer she was managing a different restaurant and offered me a place there. At that time her sister was going through a tremendous surgery that went a wry, to say the least.  I tried to support her and we became very close throughout the whole ordeal. She is one of my dearest friends.

Next up is the notebook I bought when Sarah died.

I desperately needed to write down everything I could think of about her in case it would all disappear. I wanted to have something to give Rowan, Grant and Ellis. I worried all the little things about her would fade with my memory. I know they will be able to ‘google’ their mom’s name and read ‘teacher’ and ‘rare cancer’ and ‘tragedy’ over and over again.

I wanted them to know she was useless at wrapping presents and shovelling. That she had asthma. That she loved to harmonize to songs that were playing.

I wrote furiously in it at first, but haven’t touched it in a while.
It’s too painful and I tortured myself for not being able to write out every single thing about her. So I stopped.
‘Perfection paralysis’ they call it in the biz
…the creativity biz, that is… not the dead sister biz… that would be ridiculous.
We are approaching three years without her now. I still think about her all day, every day. I lie awake at night thinking about her death- her pain and fear as she was dying, what she must have went through, what I will someday have to go through, where she could be now, do we actually have souls.
I have flashes of memories – her looking through her refrigerator, or the way she rubbed her eyes with her whole hand in exasperation sometimes. I think of  the time she got Grant to demonstrate saying ‘mama’ (his first word) and the expression of pure enjoyment of how cute she thought he was, and of proud she was, on her face.  I think about moments like when she thought I was hilarious when I would throw a small piece of firewood on the fire and make a moan/sigh sound as if it was really heavy, and when I ran into her, unexpectedly, jogging back from the swimming pool with Rowan in the stroller.

 Anyway, thank you, notebooks, for helping house the memories I worry will grow dimmer as the years pass.

Day 130 – May 10

National Clean Up Your Room Day!!

This was an easy one
I’m an avid cleaner-upper, so I just did as I do

Duncan helped a lot

That is an absolute lie.