September 17 – Day 260

September 17th was the 36th National Terry Fox Day

Terry Fox is a Canadian, as well as my personal, hero.

I really can’t talk about him without welling up, I just think he was such an amazing person and gift to the world. Legend has is my Nana Byrne brought him some of her famous Carrot Cake when he was running through her town in Stephenville

Sarah’s birthday always falls around it’s date

Last year, I went by myself as it was within weeks of my arrival in Vancouver

This year I had Duncan and Meg…and 2nd Cousin once removed Toast

This year I had to add Melvin to the list

What can I say? It was painful as fuck

But I really do adore the concept of the Marathon of Hope and Terry’s legacy


August 12 – Day 224

National Middle Child’s Day… a holiday of minimal importance.. much like the middle child

Very rarely does the middle child get to advance position after all birth giving has been completed for a family.
It’s virtually impossible to move up the ranks.

But alas, thanks to a little doctor negligence and a lot of choriocarcinoma, I was able to do just that, ladies and gentlemen.

Becoming the eldest child in the Turpin household has not been without strife, and lying in wait for 29 years didn’t equate a clean transition by any means, but here I am, now, on this National Middle Child’s Day sitting atop the Iron Throne of Birth Order.

Not only am I now the oldest child, I’m older than the previous eldest will ever be! So here’s to me!

Day 98 – April 8

So one thing that super duper sucks about my program is that they occasionally and sporadically have ‘workshops’ on the weekends, all day, 9 am until 5 pm… even longer than regular school hours, and it’s the worst.

This weekend was one such weekend. I was, as we say in Newfoundland, rotted. If you are unfamiliar with Newfoundland vernacular, I’ll just leave it to your imagination.

It was also my friend Molly’s birthday and National Empanada Day. The groovy Peruvian restaurant that we were going to go to that evening for Birthday celebrations and empanadas couldn’t accommodate 7 people so that was the end of that idea.

I had to settle with merely celebrating National Draw a Picture of a Bird Day, which was this day as well. This worked out great because in my workshop I had to do a visual response to a video we watched.

Knowing my ‘backstory’, the instructor had taken great care in making sure I wasn’t going to be triggered by the video content. She had called me the evening before to check in and even let me take Duncan to class as support.

The video was about a group of women diagnosed with terminal cancer. Fun fact: they are all alive and well at the moment (the video was shot some time ago).

I wasn’t triggered whatsoever. My sister was never diagnosed with terminal cancer. We were lied to the entire process and had no idea what was going on. The doctors were still trying to sort it all out when she died. My sister wasn’t a person ‘living with cancer’ or facing cancer the way these (strong wonderful ) women were. She was diagnosed on a Tuesday evening and died that Friday afternoon. These women are all still around. They got to live. It really wasn’t very similar at all.

When it was over, I drew this bird in response. I really like looking at an image of whatever it is I’m trying to create. I really couldn’t think what a bird looked like off the top of my head and when left to my own devices.

This is what I came up with. It’s ok but that’s all I had time for. I had to run all over the city looking for vanilla cake before dinner at the alternate restaurant. It was rush rush rush then gobble gobble gobble then crash in bed and facing another entire day of school on Sunday – the worst.


Day 55 – February 24

Day 55

I had a meeting with a rehabilitation facility for men with addictions this morning. It was interesting. I will likely be doing a therapy practicum there in the not so distant future.

After that meeting went relatively well, as in I effectively convinced the coordinator I was a smart and capable human being  😉  I spoke with James about how Melvin is doing. I’ve been avoiding discussing his condition in the blogosphere because the news has been up and down but never actually good and best left untyped.
It seems though, today, it will be a matter of days before he succumbs to his situation. My heart is absolutely broken.

I had so many things (i.e.: school assignments, blog posts, dog walks, gym, groceries etc) to do before heading to work this evening, but I was overcome with the crushing weight of depression. I sat holding Duncan for what was probably close to two hours.

It is World Bartender Day. Which I am. A Bartender and soon to be Art Therapist for Alcoholics.  A pretty stiff dichotomy there…

So the best I could do to celebrate was to  show up to work at my scheduled time and make drinks, even though I want to collapse in heap.

Here’s a throw back to bartending in Ecuador when I was young and everyone that mattered was alive and well  and everything was a good time