December 28 – Day 263



But whatever… tis┬áNational Chocolate Candy Day

I busted out some M & M’s, some Hersey Kisses and some Glossettes for the holiday┬áIMG_8953

Ate some, disregarding veganism for the day, got a headache.

The end.

December 7 – Day 342

Cotton Candy was one of my favourite things as a kid. I used to love when ‘the fair’ (Thomas Amusements) would come to town so I could get my paws on it

It was also my favourite scent – any lip gloss or perfume or shampoo that smelled like it was a total shut-up-and-take-my-money moment

I didn’t even know where to find cotton candy for National Cotton Candy Day

Luckily Bulk Barn came through in a pinch

As an adult, who is not nearly as sugar crazed, I now get to see it for the beautiful, colourful cloud-like bundle of aesthetic wonder that it is


This lot looks like sparrow


This one looks like a cumulus cloud


This one a cirrus cloud

I feel like I could start an Instagram all about it – shapes of cotton candy, the modern day┬áRorschach test

November 4 – Day 309

National Candy Day

Funny story about these Jelly Belly jelly beans

I bought them very late at night at a 24 hour Shoppers Drug Mart to feed to my two co-graduates after a long night of celebrating and being belligerent to service staff

FullSizeRender 34.jpg

They were then bartered for a cab ride home

Happy National Candy Day!