December 31 – Day 366 (??)

So looks like I may have miscalculated a day or two seeing as 2017 was not a leap year and this is apparently Day 366

Oh well  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This is the last day of the year and potentially one of my faves



We got the party started early in the Canary Islands with some mimosas


I quickly converted to straight champagne by mid afternoon


And things had escalated by the time the fireworks started

Anyway, that’s that… for the year, for the blog, for the champagne …. you may have found the ending a little underwhelming.. but


How bout an updated stock photo from the first Christmas after Sarah died and Ellis nabbed my VERY champagne forward mimosa and chugged it like a frat boy before we had the chance to stop him and he went around stumbling and slurring til nap time? Sound good? Here you go :



December 29 – Day 264

Falling immediately after National Chocolate Candy Day, conspicuously enough, National Get On The Scales Day was everything I dreamt it would be… and more

I found some scales… and got on them

Weighed around 150 pounds by the looks of it.

Fine by me.

In my adulthood I’ve been as low as 129 pounds (and was skeletal), and I’ve been 166 pounds (looked ‘soft’ in the face and couldn’t fit into a single pair of jeans).

It’s a pretty good range .. according to this graph ( I’m 5’8.5″)

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 3.02.40 PM

so not worried about it and could care less really



December 28 – Day 263

Chocolate 👍

Candy 👎

But whatever… tis National Chocolate Candy Day

I busted out some M & M’s, some Hersey Kisses and some Glossettes for the holiday IMG_8953

Ate some, disregarding veganism for the day, got a headache.

The end.

December 25 – Day 260

Christmas Day!

Christmas was spent in the Canary Islands with the in-laws this yearIMG_7837

We had a rented villa and car and were able to explore the island


Did some hiking… and lots of drinking


We made our way pretty much all around the island


..and the beach… although it was windy as all hell


Oh yeah and we went on quads …


…and had fish eat the dead skin off our feet…


Merry Christmas, fish! A feast indeed

December 24 – Day 259

National Eggnog Day

I hate the shit that comes in the carton every Christmas season – vegan or na… bleck

This year I had a sort of a frozen chai version of eggnog


Combined coconut milk ice cream, rum, almond milk, vanilla and chai spice

Garnish with mint and a sprinkle of nutmeg and clove


December 23 – Day 238

Festivus for the rest of us!

A fictitious holiday invented by Frank Costanaza from the best tv show ever on television, Seinfeld

December 23 is Festivus – the beloved non commercialized alternative to Christmas, a day to erect a pole and air your grievances with family, a day to demonstrate feats of strength

I just decorated a pole for the occasion – wasn’t down with  ‘airing grievances’ to family or feats of strength this year

IMG_0525   IMG_5665

December 22 – Day 357

National Be A Lover Of Silence Day

I would consider myself a lover of silence, undoubtedly

However Duncan really takes the cake on this one – being a deaf French bulldog and taking it in stride.

Luckily he has Herman to look up to for social cues and a jingly bear bell for off leash forest filled hikes

He sleeps soundly and probably


December 21 – Day 356

National Crossword Puzzle Day 

To be honest – not a fan of the crossword puzzle

I hate how it’s so interconnected and dependent on previous answers or guesses. Its a tortuous game of entrapment that I, as a perfectionist, can’t endure

I googled “Easy Crossword Puzzles” for the occasion as to not give myself an anxiety attack.

It was kinda easy

But you lost points every time you back spaced which was bullshitIMG_9970