October 23 – Day 297

National Boston Cream Day


Boston Cream was my favourite donut at Tim Hortons growing up. What rural Newfoundland kid didn’t die and go to heaven when they got to ‘the big city’ and got to lace into so cheaply made mass produced baked goods from a mega chain???!!

My sisters and I used to lick the icing on the top to make it shinier and to deter the others from eating it.

I went to a locally owned and operated donutier in my neighbourhood- Lucky’s Donuts. They have an amazing deal – coffee and a donut for $5. Can’t be beat.

I had a “long John”. It looked like a long Boston cream to me.


Tasted better than Tim’s, that’s for damn sure.

September 14 – Day 257

National Cream Filled Donut Day!!!

As you can imagine, I was counting down the days to this particular national holiday.

Not that I was reserving eating a cream filled donut for this day, as I will eat a cream filled donut any damn day I please.

Cartem’s September vegan friendly special is a Purple Yam (Ube Halaya)

Ube Halaya stuffed yeast donut with milk glaze and dolce de leche drizzle

I’m guessing they use some sort of milk alternative but neglected to put it in their description

I made sure to get there at juuuuussst the right time (can’t go too early, as they may not have been delivered, can’t go too late as they will sell out… 11:15 is a good try) to pick one up for National Cream Filled Donut Day

Well I gotta be honest, it was not my jam.

Potato stuffed donut is just too far down the slippery slope of starches for me, people.

I toughed it out but am looking forward to what their October offerings bring