Day 187 – July 6

International Kissing Day  

Duncan gets so many kisses all the time . And not just from me…and Kathleen… and Chrissy.. but from strangers.
Just today, a full grown bro dude waiter guy putting out the sandwich board of his restaurant picked Duncan up and kissed him.
Leave it to Duncan to combat toxic masculinity with nothing but bandana and a smile.

He isn’t one for returning kisses. He’s more of a snorter.

He was super embarrassed after this shoot because the red lipstick stain is now just part of his fur. Oh well.

Day 134 – May 14

Thankfully this particular Mother’s Day, I was fortunate enough to experience all consuming painful menstrual cramps!

This allowed me to be engrossed in physical anguish en lieu of the emotional kind which is prompted by every Mother’s Day now that my sister, mother of three, is dead!

Thanks Mother Nature, the most ruthless mother of all 🙂

Instead of weeping and thinking about how Rowan, Ellis and Grant have no one to give macaroni cards to or burn pancakes for every May for the rest of their little lives, I decided to partake in National Dance Like A Chicken Day, the alternative to Mother’s Day, and film Duncan impersonating a chicken to the Chicken Dance song, then eat a thing of Robaxacet

He did a terrible job but I let him think it was great. That’s what Mother’s do, amiright?

D A Y 1 0 0


100 days of steady celebrations

I must be insane.

I feel insane

I began this plight because I didn’t know what else to do with myself.

It was literally either this or medication.

I’m not anti medication and I have 0 judgement about people who take meds.
I just felt, for a very long time, that I was supposed to feel the way I feel.

You can’t, and shouldn’t, lose your sister and just drug the experience away. I had to face it. I chose to feel every inch of the agony. And I did.

But it was getting to a point, undoubtedly escalated by my father-in-law Melvin’s terminal diagnosis, that I didn’t know how I could possibly continue without some help from above or beyond.

And I chose, rather than pharm-ing my way out, to torture myself even further, by ‘celebrating’ my way out.

I can’t say for sure if it’s working or not.
All I know is that I’m still here, and that has to stand for something.

Eating Oysters Rockefeller was without a doubt the worst.
Going For Broke was definitely the biggest hassle.
I learned Bloody Mary’s aren’t the worst thing you can drink (Hot Buttered Rums are),

I’ve managed to celebrated through day long air travel days, weekend long workshops and funerals. I’ve celebrated with strangers and friends, alone and with my dog. I’ve baked more and cooked more than I ever have before.

I’ve written. I’ve written and written and written.
Pretty much everyday or bulk writing to catch up every couple days.
People have even told me I’m good at it.

I’ve eaten more sweets than every before.
I now know what a Sticky Bun is, as well as a Baked Alaska.

I’ve rekindled the flames of my love for photography. Art school photography was so focused on film development and technicalities of printing, I felt robbed of the potential fun. Going digital has enabled me to really experiment with composition and staging. I absolutely love it… except when I have 500 other things to do, which is oft.

Day 100 of Celebrating Everyday… Literally landed on National Siblings Day

I did the math and it’s 921 days since I lost Sarah. The world lost Sarah. I haven’t stopped wishing for a second that it wasn’t so.

I spent the day going through the few things I have left of her

…a note from her student

..the stub from last movie we ever saw together

…her fertility mug that worked all too well

…a grocery list left in a purse I inherited

…origami t-rex Christmas ornament she gave me

…her contact lenses in case she comes back so she can see

..her ashes that I keep in a Matryoshka doll

old photos… cuz there sure as fuck aren’t any ‘new’ photos…

All in all a painful milestone

Happy Sibling’s Day, everyone else!

Tomorrow – National Pet Day 








Day 87 – March 28


When I saw that it was National Something on a Stick Day, I immediately thought of my niece and nephews favourite treat:

Cake Pops!

Boy do the kids love these.
And would you believe, despite the few thousand that I have bought in my lifetime, I have never had one myself?

Today was the day, my friends.
It was pouring rain in Vancouver… so bad that Duncan refused to go of the step to do his pee. After running a few school related errands and becoming soaked to the bone, I scurried into the cupcakery called Cupcakes on Broadway. There they awaited – my first cake pop. I picked one up for Christina too.

Once I had ‘done my thang’ photography wise, it was time to actually taste one.
It wasn’t quite the quality of a fine chocolate or piece of fudge, but it wasn’t cake whatsoever. Just a ball of fudgey chocolatey sugar.

No wonder the kids go crazy when they have them, as seen here & here

I managed to handle my sugar high, pretty well  I think, and was able to carry forward with a productive day.

National Something on a Stick Day presented the opportunity for another ‘first’, which I always embrace, but it was, without a doubt, another ‘last’ as well.



Day 61 – March 2

March 2nd was National Banana Cream Pie and the first official day of my father in law, Melvin’s, wake.

I didn’t know how I was going to broach the subject of ‘celebrating everyday literally’ to a bunch of people who just lost their dad, husband, brother and neighbour.

Naturally I was apprehensive* about busting out my camera and photographing  a Banana Cream Pie while everyone was weeping and getting dressed to attend a wake.

*because I am not a narcissistic sociopath

It turned out I had some explaining to do about the pie in the first place, photographed or not.
It was an awful, store bought, fake ingredient, neon mess.

Melvin’s sister, Ellie, was the first to probe as to wtf I was doing with the pie.

I decided to go forth and I explain my blog concept.
She was tickled.
It turned out so was Jason, my step brother in law, Steve, my soon to be other step brother in law, and even Mila, Melvin’s eldest daughter.

There was no holds barred at this point, so I cut myself a slice, took a few photos and then a bite.

It tasted like the banana penicillin that plagued my childhood.

Ellie said she’d have some.

I went to plate a slice for her when she said “no no no, you’re not going to eat all that, I’ll help” and with that had a bite right out of mine.

Then Jason did as well.


He even went as far as to ‘hand model’ for me.

Then Steve.

Then Mila!

It was nice to not have to face the suffering alone*.

*tad dramatic given the nature of all participant’s current loss

Thank you everyone, for ‘taking one for the team’ 😉

When we were done eating the awful communal pie, we got ready and headed to the first night of waking Melvin.


Day 8 – January 8th

Well today was a whole lot of things!

I started the day by bringing little Duncan for a trot around Kits Beach so he could learn the lay of the land. We met our first other white French Bulldog…bonus, her tongue permanently hangs out. Totes adorbs.

So being National English Toffee day  I decide to have a go at making it myself.

It was my understanding toffee is just butter and sugar boiled to holy hell then cooled and boy was I on point with that assumption.

All you need to make this legendary treat is

  • 1 cup butter
  • 1/3 cup brown sugar
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of water
  • 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda
  • chocolate
  • almond slivers

I just typed out those ingredients from pure memory because I know it by heart now having had to do it twice… and not getting it right either time.

You really need a candy thermometer. Do not think you are ‘above’ a candy thermometer. Eyeballing and timing are not going to fly here. Buy a candy thermometer. Trust me.

You boil the first four ingredients until 300F … or if you are me for 15 minutes because somewhere on the internet that was stated. This could be too long, depending on your stove, pot, stirring skills, etc etc.

It was too long.

Burnt English Toffee Round 1

I attempted again, this time having watched a few youtube videos showing what it should look like when its ready to come off the heat and set. A couple videos revealed the ice-cube-water-glass trick: you put a droplet of the mixture in ice water and if it hardens immediately then it’s ready to come off the heat.  The other advice was to have a jar of Jif peanut butter handy and once it’s the same colour it’s ready to go.

The latter was completely useless guide seeing as how it is almost immediately that colour.

The former…well, didn’t pan out either. That’s a pun, by the way. Because you pour it in a pan.

So once the ice-cube-water-glass trick deemed my toffee ready, I stirred in the baking soda and put it on the pan with the already dispersed almonds.

I put it in the fridge to cool a little then added chocolate chips to the top to melt. Once melted, I spread the chocolate over the top.

The toffee came out a little soft. Not the hard as rock, stick in your teeth, cavity forming texture we all know and love.

However it still tasted great and everyone ate it all up at National Sunday Supper Day celebrations!

Distant cousin-in-law Carmel & her husband Bill slaved away on supper ….

…while everyone else sat around having a laugh

Bill made me vegetarian vegetables but I brought my own Vegan Meatloaf

Recipe can be found here :

I didn’t have a food processor so I used a Vitamin blender so it was a bloody mess and not quite a ‘loaf’ but it tasted really good… sensing a pattern here ….

It was a marvelous time and everyone was SO supportive of my blog which felt great. Duncan was also very popular.

Prior to heading the Ian & Kelly’s (& Carmel & Bill’s) I had to have my obligatory Bubble bath for National Bubble Bath Day.

Not going to lie, it too was a bit of a disaster because our apartment buildings hot water tank must be smaller than Donald Trump’s hands. I just let it fill up, water turned all the way on hot (which is usually warm enough). When I immersed myself in it was tepid to say the least

I hope there are no uber talented photoshop wizards out there than can extract a nude from that overflow drain thing

I followed my bath by celebrating National Winter Skin Relief Day  by slathering on some of Lush’s hand and body lotion called “Sleepy”

I didn’t bother with National Argyle’s too plaid out … 😉