October 5 – Day 279

National Do Something Nice Day !

What a welcomed reprieve from the usual eat-something-I-usually-wouldn’t-style of day

I have been making these little ‘rainbows’ using yarn and embroidery thread. I took it up a notch today by picking up some jewelry supplies and making one into a necklace

I thought it would be a cute little going away gift for my friend Hannah who is moving back to Germany

I overestimated the chain length and have to buy some wire cutters to adjust so that it doesn’t hang so low, but other than that I think I had a highly productive Do Something Nice Day !

Day 201 – July 20

July 20th is National Moon Day

This is because it was the day Lance Armstrong first walked on the moon! Go fig!

My bestie Steph bought me a necklace last year with the moon the night Sarah was born on it –┬áSeptember 19, 1982

I broke the chain pretty much immediately but keep it with the little vile of Sarah’s ashes I have on a shelf

National Moon Day prompted me to take it out and marvel at it’s beauty and mystery