October 9 – Day 283

National Beer and Pizza Day 

Beer and pizza- a match made in heaven

A food combination so good, I feel any words I choose will do their relationship no justice

T’was Virtuous Pie and Stella Artois, united as one in my belly, not just for a day, but for eternity

Day 139 – May 19th

My father decided to visit me in Vancouver for the weekend. He arrived at midday on Friday, which was National Pizza Party Day!

I took this opportunity to cast veganism aside to check out the Italian restaurant a few blocks downhill from our apartment, Nook. I invited Kathleen, Molly and Graham to join us.

It was hopping. We waited outside while the frazzled host reiterated his frazzledness to us over and over until, after about an hour, it was finally our turn for a table.

The group was 50% vegetarian so we  got the Margherita. I have to say, it was totally Meh.  As was the rest of the food. Just completely lacking in flavour. I do not understand why there was such a lineup.  I shan’t be going back. Nevertheless, we had a great time and the wine and cocktails were fine! Pizza Party quasi success!

Day 40 – February 9

February 9th is National Bagel, Pizza and Toothache Day.

I’m going to have to come clean here. I knew Boy Scout Day and Kite Flying Day were gonna be weak on the celebration scale, and I also think having a Bagel and a Pizza on the same day is excessive… so I snuck in my Bagel a day early.

It was great- Granville Island Farmer’s Market has a cute little bagel making kiosk – made fresh all day.

I got a sun-dried tomato one, toasted with plain cream cheese.

And you know what? I wish I had ordered two.

Back to the future: I have been fighting off a cold (quite vigilantly, if I do say so myself) but I really wanted to email in sick to my practicum placement on this particular day. However I also felt obligated to see a certain client I am dealing with and knew it would affect our progress if I missed a session, so I powered through and went in.
After spending the whole fucking day there,  I found out that kid wasn’t even in school today- THEY were sick. Luckily it was (National Bagel Day), National Pizza Day and National Toothache Day, so it really nothing else mattered.

Christina and I were supposed to go out to dinner with friends (and have pizza)  but they got stuck on the highway all day because of avalanches … classic. So when those plans got cancelled, we decided to order in because we like wearing sweat pants as well as drinking wine at a faster rate than most restaurants can keep up with.

We went with Virtuous Pie vegan pizzeria because it is simply the best
We ordered three because we are pigs


We got Stranger Wings, Super Funghi and  Kim Jack!
Our poor highway stranded friend, Ashley, did eventually get to Vancouver much later and came by to eat our left overs.

I didn’t pursue National Toothache Day because it was simply too weird.