Day 140 – May 20th

K, so, gotta be honest here.

Dad, Christina and I took The Pickle to Whistler to get some spring skiing in.

Superb day – it was 25+ degrees.

Winding drive through snowcapped mountain range, sugary snow conditions, snowboarding with your best friend, sunny skies, beers with your dad, hot tubs and people watching –National Pick Strawberries Day took a back seat, no offence.

I’m sure British Columbia has lots of U-Pick Strawberry farms, but it’s not quite the season.
So I just picked some up at the grocery store.
Maybe a cop out, but who are you to judge?

Day 15 – January 15th

Duncan really took a shine to his hat from his cowboy costume from yesterday, so he decided to celebrate National Hat Day by wearing it for a second day in a row.



It was also National Strawberry Ice Cream Day.

Strawberry ice cream was Sarah’s favourite when we were little. I liked chocolate and our mother would buy Neapolitan to make things fair. I guess that makes sense as I reflect now as an adult but it pissed me off tremendously as a child. I didn’t like the other flavours absorbing all the chocolatey goodness. I never really voiced my dismay though cuz ice cream is still ice cream.

Kathleen and her sister Molly surprised me with a delivery of a jar of Earnest Ice Cream, a Vancouver based creamery. They were also wearing hats, as they have taken to this project like women to hats…. and ice cream.

It was Strawberry Balsamic! Sounded very glamorous. I felt like a Kardashian.

Just like the Kardashians.

We all indulged and shared with Duncan. A very thoughtful surprise on an otherwise uneventful day.  I think Sarah’s absolute favourite strawberry ice cream was those strawberry short cake ice creams that come on a stick. I wish she was here to celebrate. I wore her hat today and just enjoyed the moment.