October 7 – Day 281

It was cold.
It was rainy.
It was not National Frappe Day in my heart.
But it was National Frappe Day on nationaldaycalendar.com, and I’m it’s bitch so here we go…

I went in to the neighbourhood Starbucks (yuck, I know) and had a gander at their Frappe menu

Overwhelmed by the seemingly endless combinations of  coffee, chocolate, peppermint and caramel, I settled on a good old fashioned

Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino® Blended Beverage

I say to whatshisname behind the counter that I would like a Pumpkin Spice Frappe made with coconut milk please and he responds, with an all too smug smirk, that they don’t do ‘frappes’ here, that’s McDonald’s (he is haute couture and I am so white trash). I was like aren’t you all soulless multinational corporations that underpay and over work your employees and wreak havoc on the environment and local businesses?

Anyway I ended up with a Frappuccino® Blended Beverage in the end

It was pretty gross, which I was prepared for

I tried to pawn it off on Duncan but even he was leery of the strange scent and flavour

Would have preferred not shelling out $7 on icy sugary guck, but somebody’s gotta celebrate everyday literally

August 19 – Day 231

So totes adorbs story, folks :

Once upon a time, James and I had Airbnb guests stay with us for a month back in St. John’s.

It went well, he was a doctor doing his residency and she was just visiting. We gave them rides, lent them our bikes, brought them to CrossFit etc etc.

Flash forward to a couple weeks ago, I get a message through Airbnb from them. They live in Kelowna nowadays, how’s Duncan, they’d love to get together,  is The Pickle free tonight?

I was home in NL, but I arranged for Kathleen to prep it for them and told them they could stay for free

I told them James and I are heading to Kelowna for Labour Day weekend. Unfortunately they will be out of town, but they went on to offer their bike trailer, access to their rooftop bathroom and shower etc etc while we are there.

We went on to text about our emotional support animals and vegan dining. She threw out two places in Vancouver that she loves that I had never heard of before – Umaluma vegan gelato and Kokomo’s vegan restaurant.

So you know, I had to go try these out

Kathleen and I … and Siri, found Kokomo’s and had the Coastal Macro bowl and Earl Grey Kombucha. It was amazeballs. I never use that expression but it just really fits right now, ok?

They also have… *drum roll* VEGAN SOFT SERVE

And lucky for them (but sad for my wallet) it was National Soft Serve Day ! (Yes, another god damn ice cream centred holiday)

I literally said that to the cashier

Then Kathleen and I shared one Au Natural Coconut Whip Soft serve (we shared one so we could save room for the vegan gelato a block away)

To be honest, it was a bit meh and even more pathetic, my teeth have been super sensitive from having to use a new toothpaste instead of my usual Sensodyne so it was half painful

But I am glad we checked  it out – lovely place, lovely service, lovely time and lovely company

August 14 – Day 226

National Creamsicle Day

I was never an overt fan of the creamsicle.. gimme a polar bar or a chipper any day

My distaste for this orange and vanilla flavoured ice cream could probably be whittled down to the fact that I don’t really like fruit or fruit flavoured things.

To celebrate this day, I bought some vanilla coconut ice cream and an orange and had fantastical ideas about making a vegan creamiscle milkshake smoothie concoction. However the day escaped me and I  just didn’t find the time to put my ingredients to work

Luckily for me, that evening as I was out for a night of trivia, I spotted a creamiscle cocktail on the bar menu

Orange Juice + Whipped Cream flavoured vodka + soda

I realized immediately after the first sip that although it tastes exactly like a creamsicle, that’s not really a good thing

I choked down about half of the cocktail and switched to good ol’ PBR then came 3rd at trivia


Day 176 – June 25

So I have to admit – whenever I think of ‘strawberry parfait‘ I actually picture Prince singing it to the tune of ‘Raspberry Beret’

As National Strawberry Parfait was lurking around the corner on my calendar, this song was in my head more oft than not the past few days

I ‘whipped’ one up, quite easily with stuff I had on hand!
Thank heavens I didn’t have to make a grocery store trip, money’s tight and the guy that works at Safeway drives me crazy – my Kitsilano readership knows who I’m talking about 😉

Anyway- I grabbed a mason jar and layered the following:

  • graham crumbs
  • strawberries, not Driscoll brand, boycott those, diced
  • Cool-Whip

That was it.

I’ll, again, admit my surprise that Cool- Whip isn’t the grossest thing ever. I really always thought it was so incredibly gross, but it really isn’t so bad. Must be getting old and ‘settling’.

Day 141- May 21

What a great follow up day to National Pick Strawberries Day; Sunday, May 21st, was National Strawberries & Cream Day!

I scoured the grocery store for some of that coconut whipped cream I have seen and used in the past, to no avail. The only option they had was ‘Cool Whip’. I really just wanted something to work with for a photo shoot, so I  was delighted to discover that it’s actually just composed of random oils and chemicals! No real dairy as far as I could tell. Simply marvellous!

I can’t recall when I had it last, but I remember thinking it was terrible stuff.
Turned out to not be so bad. Not sure if it counts as cream, being constituted of high fructose corn syrup and Polysorbate 60 (used in sexual lubricants and beauty products, a chemically-derived emulsifier has been linked to organ toxicity, diarrhea and tumours in lab mice) but hakunah matata.



Day 128 – May 8

Seeing as how James was visiting and Vancouver is boring as all hell, we decided to go for a little Duncan-less out-of-town romantic getaway to Harrison Hot Springs

I was not happy about the Duncan-less part, but the rest was fine

We hiked and drank wine and soaked in hot springs and ate  authentic German food (Vegetarian Schnitzle!!)

It was a great time and en route back to Van City, we decided to explore the band Chilliwack’s namesake city… Chilliwack!

On a  “Top 10 Things to Do in Chilliwack” list,  it was pretty clear that one must go to the airport for pie if in the area

So we did

One slice of Coconut Cream Pie & two forks, please!

I Fly for Pie knocked this out of the park

This pie was so tasty and creamy and coconuty. The crust was both just moist enough and just flakey enough.  I cannot possibly sing the praises for this pie high enough. It’s definitely on the (chilli)whacky top ten list for a reason and 100% worth the drive.  If I’m ever back in Chilliwack, I know my first stop!

Day 93 – April 3

Another day, another chance to celebrate a random, highly caloric, food.

Welcome to my National Chocolate Mousse Day, everyone.

It started with my awaking in a state of absolute exhaustion from working so late two nights in a row and not being able to sleep in because our building is under an incessant state of renovation and the chief worker likes to yell at people, including his girlfriend, about their sex life, on his cell phone, in the hallways, at 7 am.  Plus the drilling and sawing and banging and vacuuming.

I was so tired and hungry on National Chocolate Mousse Day that I couldn’t think straight and it took me a while to get my wits about me to leave the house in search of food.

This bumbled trip involved a really long line up at the Whole Foods Burrito Bar to get a ginormous yet flavourless burrito, and a thing of chocolate mousse.

The sad part was that as soon as I stepped out of Whole Foods, there before me was the cutest most amazing authentic Bolivian food truck boasting vegan tacos and coconut rice. I was devastated. I was too stuffed from my underwhelming burrito to double down… which is a testament to the Whole Foods burrito, because this woman can eat.

Letting bygones be bygones and not shedding a single tear, I shuffled home with my chocolate mousse, as it was National Chocolate Mousse Day not Chain Grocery Store Burrito Day nor Bolivian Food Truck Taco Day.

I was actually so stuffed from that god damned burrito it was hard to eat mousse… which is really just chocolatey air, aimiright?

And that, folks, is how one celebrates National Chocolate Mousse Day when they are tired as bejesus and find out that making it involves eggs and heavy cream and an assortment of other ingredients that aren’t handy.


Day 61 – March 2

March 2nd was National Banana Cream Pie and the first official day of my father in law, Melvin’s, wake.

I didn’t know how I was going to broach the subject of ‘celebrating everyday literally’ to a bunch of people who just lost their dad, husband, brother and neighbour.

Naturally I was apprehensive* about busting out my camera and photographing  a Banana Cream Pie while everyone was weeping and getting dressed to attend a wake.

*because I am not a narcissistic sociopath

It turned out I had some explaining to do about the pie in the first place, photographed or not.
It was an awful, store bought, fake ingredient, neon mess.

Melvin’s sister, Ellie, was the first to probe as to wtf I was doing with the pie.

I decided to go forth and I explain my blog concept.
She was tickled.
It turned out so was Jason, my step brother in law, Steve, my soon to be other step brother in law, and even Mila, Melvin’s eldest daughter.

There was no holds barred at this point, so I cut myself a slice, took a few photos and then a bite.

It tasted like the banana penicillin that plagued my childhood.

Ellie said she’d have some.

I went to plate a slice for her when she said “no no no, you’re not going to eat all that, I’ll help” and with that had a bite right out of mine.

Then Jason did as well.


He even went as far as to ‘hand model’ for me.

Then Steve.

Then Mila!

It was nice to not have to face the suffering alone*.

*tad dramatic given the nature of all participant’s current loss

Thank you everyone, for ‘taking one for the team’ 😉

When we were done eating the awful communal pie, we got ready and headed to the first night of waking Melvin.


Day 42 – February 11

Having had a few too many drinks the night before, among other things, I awoke with tremendous regret as well as a head ache. But I decided not to cry over spilled milk, for it was Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day.
So in attempt to feel human again, Christina, Duncan and I went for coffee and donuts at Cartem’s, which was completely off script of any National Holiday Celebrations for the day. It was just a couple of hungover bitches getting their carb binge on.

Duncan wanted in on these too, which, if you have been following along, has become a sort of a plot crutch for me at this stage of blogging.

(I’m one with The Force, yada yadda  yadda)

Once re-humanfication was complete (if only), I thought I best get some official celebrating done.

It was White T-Shirt Day which apparently carries a lot of political weight and has something to do with strikes and union disputes in America somewhere.

I thought, in true T. Swift fashion, to disregard the struggle of the working class and don this white Taylor Swift shirt that has no political sentiment whatsoever (… I mean if you take “1989” to just mean the year she was born and not consider for a moment the Tiananmen Square Massacre). Doesn’t get much whiter than her!

Later in the evening, I managed to score some mini York Peppermint Patties at the drug store for National Peppermint Patty Day.


I ate a few but felt the need to augment the level of celebration around it.
With that I did a quick little water colour sketch of Charlie Schulz’s Peppermint Patty and Snoopy. Wikipedia states that “Peppermint Patty is noted for her persistent habit of profoundly misunderstanding basic concepts and ideas that most people would consider obvious, then blindly ignoring any counsel against her latest fixation, which leads to ultimately embarrassing situations for which she blames everyone who warned her.”

Sounds very Presidential.

Although I don’t relate to her on a cerebral level, I did have a revelation, while painting, that my frumpy-men-shirts-and- Birkenstock aesthetic  may very well have been adopted straight out of the Peppermint Patty Fashionista Manifesto


Then Christina and I watched Magic Mike XXL and made plans to go to a stripper convention our next vacation… but also to not wear good clothes because they would get ruined by all the whip cream, chocolate sauce and getting tossed around.


Day 38 – February 7

National Send a Friend A Card Day!

National Fettuccini Alfredo Day!

And Tuesday!

A Day where I have no school, no practicum and no work !

I had grand visions of going to a cute stationary store near our apartment and picking out a few cards with Duncan after having a run around Kits Beach.

But a few things happened that made me make alternative decisions.

First thing on the beach, a couple of Japanese tourists were Face-timing family back home (I presume) in a crouched down position.

Duncan managed to barge through them from behind and in a single leap land on the man’s lap and photo bomb the live feed, giving them the start of their lives.

They did see the humour in it.

Next up was a mom with a baby strapped to her chest and a toddler at her side at waters edge. Now Duncan loves toddlers so of course he lunged for him nearly knocking him right into the February sea. Luckily the toddler took the spill sand-ward and no one got soaked.

Mother was rotted.

And then finally we encounter a young artist, sitting on a log with his sketch book and supplies spread out accordingly, staring at the sea.

Duncan, with Magic Mike like agility, jumped onto his lap, splaying oil pastels and pencils everywhere. The artist did get a kick out of it, but that was the end of Duncan’s reign of terror.

I leashed him up and aimed for the card store. En route I noticed Duncan was no longer on leash. The clasp had broken. So I tied it on and just headed home.


Once home I realized I didn’t want to leave again. So I used what I had on hand which was some pretty cute origami paper ! I looked up how to make ‘cards’ and found instructions to make these hearts

Three Hearts for three people! I won’t say in case they are reading – it won’t be a surprise!

When the cards were folded and enveloped, stamped and posted, it was time to focus on the star cause for celebration this particular day – Fettuccini Alfredo. 


I have never ever made Fettuccini Alfredo before and honestly don’t think I have ever really eaten it before.

I researched some recipes and decided to make a fusion of the best ideas

  • 1 pint whipping cream
  • 1 brick of cream cheese (full fat)
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 6 cloves garlic
  • 1 tablespoon Italian seasoning
  • 1 tablespoon nutmeg
  • salt & pepper
  • 1 cup Parmesan cheese
  • fresh basil

Sautee garlic, diced in butter. Then combine rest of ingredients. It will thicken like cray so be vigilant and don’t make it too early in advance of serving.



I bought two packages of locally made fresh fettuccine

I also prepared some Tofurkey chicken and Chrissy made a salad

We had Kathleen, Graham and Molly over and hit the wine. It was delightful and we made drunken plans of renting a river boat in the summer.

They also brought me a card in honour of  National Send a Card to a Friend Day!

So cute!!!!