Day 27 – January 27th

Another day, another chance to eat some junk food in the name of blog content.

National Chocolate Cake Day & National Big Wig Day pair just beautifully together, if I do say so myself.

Christina and I have a collection of wigs that we bust out from time to time. For example this time, when I met BADDIE WINKLE OMG STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT AMAZING OMG I’M STILL LITERALLY DEAD OMG

The wigs were last used a couple weeks ago and were left behind at our friend Kelly’s house. As inconvenient as this should have been, it worked out great because today was Kelly’s birthday! So I was able to bring her a mini chocolate birthday cake when I went over to nab them,  all under the guise of being a really nice person.. I can’t believe they fell for it…

I don’t have a mixer and all the baking projects for this blog have taken way too much physical exertion without one so I opted for a store bought cake. Sue me.

They were photogenic AND delicious. Get you a cake who can do both.


As you may have noticed from all the photos, there were indeed two cakes.

I ate mine at home alone with an assortment of wigs on