Day 28 – January 28th

National Blueberry Pancake Day!

And National Data Security Day!

And Have Fun At Work Day!

Pancakes. Where do I start with my memories of pancakes. I’m pretty certain it is the first food I learned to make on my own. At the early age of 9-ish, I decided hotter is better when cooking and always used “max” setting. This meant that I always achieved a nice char on my pancakes… and everything else I cooked. I still have ‘heat’ issues today.  Hotter = Faster and so, well, things get burnt.

I remember one night making chocolate chip pancakes for my sisters for supper. It was the first time our parents had left us alone with no baby sitter- they had a night course or meeting or something. That night, in the midst of cremating a bunch of pancakes, I felt some drops of water on my head. I looked up and there was water dripping from the ceiling. More than dripping, basically streaming. So, because Sarah was ‘in charge’ I went and got her, thereby making it her problem. She reacted by getting the. smallest. pot. in. the. world. out of the cabinet. I mean, this pot might have been able to hold one egg, tops, and put it under the drip/pour.

Claire, my younger sister, and I laughed our heads off because she clearly needed a much larger pot considering the amount of water flowing out. Just as she was saying, “Shut up guys, what’s so funny” there was a large cracking sound and the whole ceiling gave away.

The kitchen was flooding. Claire and I  were all shrieking and laughing, mostly scared, partially amused. Sarah was upset- pretty concerned her role of overlord would be revoked (it was). We ran through the house – water was sprinkling out of every nail hole in all the walls and out through moldings.

Our neighbours dad came over and ran around the house, the water was about shin deep at this stage. I remember the stairs to the basement, which was off of the kitchen, looked like a water fall, and he had to use the railing to propel himself over the entire staircase.

And then I don’t really remember much else about that night. I know mom and dad were pissed – classic misdirection of their own guilt for leaving us unsupervised (I’m pretty much a therapist now so, I get it). I also remember the explanation. On the third floor of the house there had been a bathroom but it got renovated out. Some pipe that lead to a bathtub hadn’t been shut off properly and so water had been leaking from this and building up in the walls and between floors for potentially years. Finally it just busted its way out at the most inconvenient time. The second floor bathroom was flooded too… water everywhere. It was crazy.

Pretty much anytime I make pancakes, which is more or less never these days, I think of that night. I suppose it was traumatic in a lot of ways.

So here I was on this particular National Blueberry Pancake Day, recalling the time our house was gushing full of water, and Sarah putting a pot the size of a tea cup out to stop it. Classic Sarah.

In my youth I just used packaged pancake mix- the kind you just add water to. But in my adulthood, I’m above that nonsense. I figured pancake mix is comprised of flour, (almond) milk, eggs, baking powder, salt, sugar?

And I was more or less right. I added some cooking lavender my friend Carleigh gifted me, a few drops of essential lavender oil, and blueberries it was all systems go.

I (low) heated the pan with coconut oil and flipped away.

They were really great. I was very pleased with myself for
a) deciding to use lavender like a fancy foodie type
b) not burning the shit out of them (I have photos to prove it!)

Duncan thought they were delicious!

Then, to sort of celebrate National Data Security Day, I watched Snowden

Man that guy from Third Rock from The Sun can act.

Well, I suppose. He spoke and behaved like a completely different person (presumably Edward Snowden). I know he has a three name name and that shit drives me crazy. But yeah, I usually think I could be an actor until I see this kind of stuff – when someone can do an entire voice and way of speaking and mannerisms, etc. Way to guy, buddy. Great in Third Rock too.

Whats-her-face Shaighann something or other was in it too. I’m not fussy. Although I hear she’s going great things with regards to Standing Rock protests.  I’ll tip my hat.

So through this movie I learned that I have been justifiably covering my web cam with a post it for the past few years! Other than that I was not surprised whatsoever with the insider information revealed and thought all this was common knowledge. Too bad he had to throw it all away to get the word out and literally nothing has changed.

Then to wind it all down with National Have Fun At Work Day, I drank a beer while typing out this blog posting ! This is kind of my job these days. Yahoo?



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