Day 30 – January 30th

Creeping to the end of the first full month of celebrating.

January 30th is National Croissant Day & National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day.

These are two pretty straightforward things to celebrate… or so I thought.

I fucking love croissants so I have been eagerly awaiting this day for a long time now.  I had school for the majority of the day so I was crawling out of my skin to get out of there to go get some croissants.

I originally envisioned getting an almond croissant from Platform 7, on the corner of Vine & Broadway. I had one before and it was easily one of the best things I have ever eaten. But I was told by a friend of a croissant connoisseur that Beaucoup Bakery on Fir Street makes THE best croissants. I figured I would give it a whirl seeing as how it would be a new experience and it isn’t far from my school.


So I head back home, leash up Duncan and go back to Plan A, which is now Plan B I suppose- Platform 7. I tie up little Duncan outside and go in to nab me a croissant or two.


The barista was apologetic but also enchanted by the fact that I knew it was National Croissant Day and had come specifically to get a croissant for such reason. I should get business cards printed.

I untied Duncan and decided to head down Broadway towards Point Grey area. There are lots of bakeries and cafes that way. There is a cafe that looks like a cozy cottage I’ve been meaning to check out. Benny’s…Bagels. No croissants.


A little further down Broadway there is a French patisserie with some sort of swanky man name. We headed for it. Thomas Haas. Reeeal swanky man name.


I don’t know how much more I can take. I think – there’s a Terra Breads and a Cobb’s Breads right by my apartment. I devise a plan to head back and if they don’t have any I’ll buy some Pilsbury doughboy crescent rolls at the grocery store and give up.

Terra Breads didn’t appear to have any from what I could see through the window and there was no where nearby to tie up Duncan (except where he could run into traffic -he likes chasing cars) to go in to investigate the matter further.

So I trudged on to Cobb’s Bread


I could see them from the street. I tied Duncan to a tree and went in. They were sold out of plain ones but they still had spinach & feta ones as well as chocolate. I got one of each – dinner and dessert.

I was really hungry at this stage and deliberating eating something more ‘sensible’ first. But after a brief photo shoot became ravenous and there was no time for ‘sensible’. I ate them back to back. They were mediocre at best.

Once the hunger beast was satiated, I was able to focus on the next item on the celebratory check list – bubble wrap. I had hoarded some pieces of bubble wrap in a kitchen drawer in preparation of this day.

I popped a few individually and did a few twists -popping several at once. Duncan wanted to help. Such a dear.


And just like that *pop* pop*, the day was all celebrated up.

Oh and I also made a new Instagram friend who makes pins of all the daily holidays !! I was over the moon about this and ordered a few for February

They can be purchased here :

So awesome. There are some discrepancies of the days but I really like that Paul Bunyan Day is my birthday and not Plum Pudding Day as my original source declared.

I can’t wait to get them and to order more as the month progresses!

Tomorrow : National Inspire you Heart With Art Day & National Backwards Day!


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