Day 33 – February 2nd

So today was National Heavenly Hash Day and Groundhog Day.

I discovered, through one of my newfound Instagram friends, that it was also National Crepe Day so I decided to go with that ( I had ice cream yesterday with the Baked Alaska and I was dreading eating more. And, well, Groundhog Day has been done… over and over …and over  😉 )

Thursdays I go to an elementary school and therapize a bunch of kids. It was an exceptional day on that front- made some breakthroughs with these little people. But when the last bell rang for the day, it was time to get down to serious business.

There is a cafe about three blocks from my house called Crepe Cafe. It doesn’t allow dogs despite having a water bowl inside and several large French bulldog statues on display (above left)

So after ordering a Nutella Strawberry Banana crepe (is there even any other kind?) I was swiftly kicked out for bringing Duncan inside by the teenage crepe master who looked remarkably like the lead singer of  the most aggravating band in world, Mariana’s Trench

So Duncan and I dined outside thanks to that guy … and food safety

I was sort of expecting that getting a crepe at a place that’s called Crepe Cafe was going to send me into the next crepe dimension

It didn’t

Duncan is still honing his Jedi mind tricks

As I ate that unremarkable crepe, I felt really depressed. It is sad ‘celebrating’ every day alone with your dog …who isn’t even allowed in most places (I wasn’t gonna pull out my Emotional Support Animal letter for Mariana’s Trench back there). I have a nice big house and an amazing husband and a whole other cute dog on the other side of the country and here I am eating crepes, alone outside, for blog content. The whole point of a marriage is to celebrate life together. I had a bit of an crepe induced existential melt down, dear readers, I must admit.

This photo really captures the doleful sentiment of crepe day

I went back to my apartment and pacified myself by watching The Thin Blue Line… well part of it. I got really agitated part way though with the hill billy accents and the repeated referencing of the defence attorney as ‘the lady lawyer’,  so I ended it early to put myself out of misery

YAY Crepe Day!



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