Day 39 – February 8

Vancouver doesn’t really do wind. Not like home in Newfoundland where the wind shapes the trees and you can’t own nice things like trampolines.
So when it was National Kite Flying Day I knew I was gonna have to pass.

I was forced to focus on Boy Scouts Day even though I am not a Boy Scout and had no idea how to go about celebrating them.

Luckily I have the world’s cutest dog, some skill with scissors and my buttons from Buttons Pinz and Thingz had arrived!

Duncan made a great little boy scout… although he is, like,  never prepared.

THEN I found out through one of my Insta friends that it was National Potato Lovers Day so Chrissy and I went and got   Fancy Poutines at Frites on Granville! Mine was Pad Thai – amazing.

Pretty great day!







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