Day 43 – February 12th

Today is a day I have been dreading for some time.
It is my 32nd birthday and I am now on the brink of being older than my big sister, Sarah. We were once three years apart.
She was hospitalized one week after her 32nd birthday and died one week after that. I still have the birthday present I had for her that I never got the chance to give her.

This is a photo of myself, my sister, Claire, and Sarah taken on her birthday, September 19th, when she was pregnant with Rowan in 2011.

Everything about this is tender and I just wanted to get through this day and was not particularly interested in ‘celebrating’ outliving my sister.

Luckily, I do have the best and most supportive friends in the world, hands down. I received a bunch of surprises in the mail from my friend back home, Steph, including Wonder Woman Card #1.
I also had a Do Not Open Till February 12th Card awaiting from Carleigh in Toronto.

This rad Wonder Woman Card #2 was from Kathleen, Molly and Graham! They also got me a gender-reveal balloon and an axe to go with my Paul Bunyan costume (explained later)

Christina got me an almond mylk latte, a hand mixer so I don’t get carpel tunnel whisking all these celebratory desserts and a $5000 dollar bottle of Tequila 

…and a magical healing crystal (rose quartz) so I’ll never need to get a vaccine ever again

It was sunny and spring-like so we went for a walk with Duncan through Stanley Park

Duncan enjoyed himself thoroughly

It was National Plum Pudding Day but the last thing I wanted to do on this bittersweet birthday was run myself ragged either finding a plum pudding or making one, neither of which would be enjoyed because I actually hate the shit. So, instead, I focused on the fact that it was Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln and Paul Bunyan’s Birthday.  You may be wondering how is it that I, Jennah Turpin, could possibly be birthed on the same day as these bearded giants?

I don’t have the answer for you

But what I do have a series of photos of myself and my friends adorning plaid and beards and toques and drinking beers and numbing pain.





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