Day 44 – February 13

Monday was Family Day in British Columbia – which meant I didn’t have to go to school for a second Monday in a row (oh Smonday, I’ll never get over you). This worked out well because I was actually down and depressed from the long, booze fuelled and emotionally charged weekend.

I spent the majority of the day catching up on blog posts, napping and not doing any of the pending assignments that were much more important.

It was also National Tortellini Day and Eat an Italian Dish Day ( a little reminiscent of the Cream Cheese Brownie Day and Have a Brownie Day falling on the same day of last Friday)

Well you don’t need to tell me twice, National Holiday curators

Apparently there is a pasta called tortelloni which is a bigger version of tortellini which makes me think the Italians need to calm down.
I busted out a some cheese tortellini with basil tomato sauce at lunch time – y’know, to catch the ultimate lighting

I could photograph food all day

I should probably buy some fancy equipment and get around to installing photoshop on my computer

This was another just-get-through-the-day days. A celebration in and of itself.
I did make it to night skiing for a few burns down the hill though, despite being completely out of it

Cheers to that and onwards to Valentine’s Day