Day 45 – February 14th

Valentine’s Day!

Duncan was super cuddly this morning so it was hard to get out of bed.
The weather wasn’t as fine as it had been yesterday, which was disappointing because I had awoken with a much better disposition.

It was National Ferris Wheel Day so I looked into indulging in a spin- Vancouver seems like the kind of place that would have a Ferris wheel kicking around somewhere. Turns out they do … but just during the Christmas holidays.. unfortunate indeed.

So I just kept it simple and decided  I would celebrate Valentine’s Day with my little doggy Duncan and some donuts – my two great loves.
We went to our favourite donut shop, Cartem’s ( Lucky’s, right next door, doesn’t allow dogs, so Duncan isn’t fussy).
Cartem’s did not disappoint – they had some beautiful Valentine specialty donuts baked up. I got Christina one as well and headed home.


One was Champagne Glazed with Raspberry Pearls & white chocolate drizzle and the other was a vegan Strawberry Jelly Stuffed one.

After I shot a series of photos with them and Duncan, I laid them down on the counter and proceeded to knock a glass of water all over them.
They ‘sogged’ up instantaneously and were ruined, like, total mush.
Salvaging what I could, I ate the icing off the top and gave some to Duncan, but, sadly, most went in the garbage.
Total bummer… but luckily Christina came home from work and brought me chocolate so all was well in the world.