Day 55 – February 24

Day 55

I had a meeting with a rehabilitation facility for men with addictions this morning. It was interesting. I will likely be doing a therapy practicum there in the not so distant future.

After that meeting went relatively well, as in I effectively convinced the coordinator I was a smart and capable human being ¬†ūüėČ ¬†I spoke with James about how Melvin is doing. I’ve been avoiding discussing his condition in the blogosphere because the news has been up and down but never actually good and best left untyped.
It seems though, today, it will be a matter of days before he succumbs to his situation. My heart is absolutely broken.

I had so many things (i.e.: school assignments, blog posts, dog walks, gym, groceries etc) to do before heading to work this evening, but I was overcome with the crushing weight of depression. I sat holding Duncan for what was probably close to two hours.

It is World Bartender Day. Which I am. A Bartender and soon to be Art Therapist for Alcoholics. ¬†A pretty stiff dichotomy there…

So the best I could do to celebrate was to  show up to work at my scheduled time and make drinks, even though I want to collapse in heap.

Here’s a throw back to bartending in Ecuador when I was young and everyone that mattered was alive and well ¬†and everything was a good time

Day 54 – February 23

Well well well, if it isn’t National Dog Biscuit & ¬†Banana Bread Day

This was another miraculous day in terms of accomplishment. I had to be at the elementary school till 3pm, then home for a quick dog walk, some celebrations and outfit change and then off to work till forever ever.

I knew this day was one Duncan was looking forward to and I didn’t want to let him down. He’s been a key player in making my Instagram¬†cute and me not following through with driving off a bridge whenever the compulsion hits me. ¬†I thought about making dog biscuits from scratch for the first time ever but, well, time.

So, instead,  when I got home from my practicum placement, I leashed up Duncan and went for a  stroll to Tisol Рa pet store in our hood that would fit the bill for scoring treats. But, boy, was my wallet in for a treat.

It was FREE SAMPLE DAY! They had this huge table full of treats and paper baggies so you could stock up.

I made two passes like an absolute skeet.

Here I am loading Duncan up, in store, while I filled the baggie

I couldn’t believe no one was stopping me or at the very least harassing me to buy something.

Look at my haul!¬†Duncan liked them all but puked up the vegan alligator dental bone. He’s an avid puker and I knew it was going to happen the moment I put it in his mouth. Oh well.

Then we went to VIVA¬†Fine Foods just ‘down the hill’ from our house. I’d seen a sign boasting the best Banana Bread in Vancouver.

“Best” was in a jagged squiggle balloon so I knew it had to be legit.

There was no where to tie Duncan on because someone else had their dog tied up and I was scared that dog may have been¬†aggressive so I scooped Duncan up and carried him for my super brief in-store transaction (“One banana bread to go please” *Tap* Done.)

But the owner was super pissed and told me I couldn’t bring him in. I assume she was the owner because I can’t imagine giving a shit¬†first nor last as a minimum wage employee.

The guy that served me sneakily handed me THREE MORE DOG BISCUITS in  the way I imagine a good German person would have handed a Jewish person something to eat during the Holocaust. Yes, having a French Bulldog is exactly like being Anne Frank.

Anyway if I had a Yelp account I would have went on there to clarify that they have the OKAYEST Banana Bread in the city. .. put THAT in your jagged squiggle balloon and smoke it.

Nevertheless, it took a mean photo*

*More to do with my living room lighting and skill as a photographer than their baking or customer service skills