Day 62 1/2 – March 4

March 4th is Marching Music Day, National Grammar Day, & National Pound Cake Day.

However,  I misread my holiday source page and thought the day was International Irish Whiskey Day, which turns out to be March 3rd in actuality. Unfortunately  I put all energy and limited time that I had this day to getting some Irish Whiskey and not into any of the other options.

So I am going to consider this a ‘cheat day’, as they call it in the fitness business, and just go with it.

This was the day of Melvin’s funeral and burial.

We donned Boston Bruin pins for the ceremony and powered through the brutally cold and windy day.

After the reception, we went back to Melvin’s house- it was time to ‘celebrate’.

Jameson Irish Whiskey is as good as any so that’s what we picked up

I’m not one for drinking liquor straight, but made an attempt on the rocks.

James drinks it neat on the regular

Ellie, Melvin’s sister, joined in on the libation celebration.
She did, however, miscalculate how much was left in the bottle and ‘flattened it’. She had the genius idea of using some ginger ale to dilute it down.


Cheers to Melvin, you were dearly loved and are deeply missed.


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