Day 66 – March 7th

National Cereal Day.

Cereal was a staple when I was a kid.
I remember pretty much living off the stuff.
I was particularly fond of Mini Wheats, Froot Loops, Hidden Treasures, Rice Krispies ‘Treats’ Edition and, later in my teens, Vector.
I really only remember eating cereal.
All the time.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner. And snacks.
It’s insane to think about it.

I can’t even really bring myself to look at the stuff now.

This particular Cereal Day started out  like any other, with a brief begging of Herman to let me hold him in my arms like his baby brother Duncan.
This fell on deaf ears, despite Herman’s fully capacity to hear, unlike his brother Duncan.

Next I got to spend some time with my twin nephews, Sarah’s children, Grant & Ellis.

They told me all about their new Nerf guns and the rules (not shooting where the arrow will get lost, no shooting at things that will break and no shooting at people).

They played with a train set and we must have read about 20 books.

Here’s a photo Ellis took of Grant:

So talented.

Their sister Rowan is in Kindergarten, so I will have to wait for the weekend to see her.

I had lunch with a friend (Hi Hillary!) and then went to Fixed coffee shop on Duckworth, where I furiously typed out the entire history of Prostitenant.

Albeit a cathartic experience, it was exhausting. I ended up doing nothing other than going to see Logan and forgetting to ‘celebrate’ cereal completely.

When we got home from the movie there was a package from my little sister on my porch.

I looked inside and discovered THREE BOXES OF RICE KRISPIES TREATS CEREAL! It was magical – EXACTLY at the moment I realized I had spent nearly an entire day writing about whore-ible tenants instead of ‘celebrating’, I was blessed with a whack of cereal. It was like a sign from the cosmos!

Thanks Alive Sister Claire! You saved the day!!

It tasted to exactly as I remembered it!



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