Day 67 – March 8th

March 8th of 2017 was designated Nation Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day & Peanut Cluster Day.

This was relatively easy to celebrate- my little sister, Claire, is one of those!
(A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, not a Peanut Cluster)

I had the great idea to ‘pay her back’ for the surprise package I had received on National Cereal Day from her with a bouquet of flowers or the like.

But when I went to look up florists in the where she lives, I got to thinking it would be way more fun to send her a pizza and beer and other junk food, for obvious reasons.

One of my really good friends, Craig, lives in the same town as my sister. When I got in touch to ask for his help,  he was more than willing. He even suggested getting a balloon and a card.

I also got it touch with Claire’s room mate to find out when she would be home and to help coordinate.

8 pm seemed like a safe time frame for Craig to come by with the surprise as far as the room mate knew

It didn’t quite work out time wise- Craig spent a lot of time in his car waiting and taking selfies.

But when he did get in her house and Claire came home, it all went better than anticipated.

Craig had a great set up

Wrote a great card

The pizza looked delicious – vegetarian !

He even scored this amazing banana /nutritionist themed balloon…


A video of her surprise can be seen here : IMG_6206

Happy Registered  Nutritionist Dietician Day Claire! Thanks Craig!



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