Day 72 – March 13th

Today was a great day to have Herman around!

He loves Napping and, well, doesn’t care one way or the other about  Ear Muffs …but regardless he helped me ring in National Ear Muff Day and National Napping Day

This shot came out great considering he was relentlessly trying to get them off.

Nice work model Herman!

Well, “ok” work, model Herman.

I’m still in Newfoundland and it was Monday so James had to go to work. He was able to deek out and lunch with me.

When I got back home afterwards, I great wave of overwhelming sadness crashed over me. The weight of Melvin’s death, my sisters death, the fact that I live so far away and am now so behind in school… everything.

As all consuming and depressing as this influx of emotion was, I decided to cope with it by lying still and closing my eyes (i.e.: not dealign with it at all). Herm followed suit and can be seen doing so here.

Together we had a little mini couch nap to celebrate National Napping Day. 


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