Day 91- April 1


The first day of April and the 91st day of celebrations

April Fool’s Day just felt too pedestrian for me these days, so I did some further research and discovered that it was also World Pillow Fight Day

Christina was at work so I was left with Duncan to engage in pillow combat with. I made a slow motion video of the ‘attack‘.

He didn’t take kindly to my gentle pillow tosses.


Nor did he grasp the concept of ‘fighting back’

Bit of a bust, really.




Day 90 – March 31

The last day of March, and my 90th day of celebrating at least one national or international holiday a day was indeed, National Crayon Day.

This particular Crayon Day was unlike any other. Crayola, the company that is virtually synonymous with the modern crayon, decided to end it’s 27 year run with the crayon colour Dandelion. This crayon was best known for making sunlight, giraffe hair and, that’s right, dandelions, all that more realistically represented by children far and wide for nearly three decades.

That’s cold, Crayola.

In protest, I bought a bargain brand of crayons at the drug store to celebrate the holiday. Do ignore the ableist branding, I didn’t notice until I brought them home and it was too late.

I drew a quick sketch of Bat Girl and made a time lapse video of my colouring it in and posted it on Instagram


I was then so pleased with myself, I framed it