Day 95- April 5

National Go For Broke Day!

I really went for broke!

I had school aalllllll day, then I had to come home briefly, walk Duncan, then go to one of my placements to conduct an art therapy group for two hours which went overtime because one client was really into and I didn’t want to cut her off, so I got home at just after 8 and had to make time to Go For Broke!

Christina and I went to the Edgewater Casino 

Oh the glamour

After paying $5 for parking, we went straight to the penny slots.

Christina splurged, playing the 5¢ machines and went for broke within minutes.

I, on the other hand, played it conservatively, sticking the with 1¢ slots.

This paid off. Well it at least paid for parking.

Having put a $20 in and having some ups and downs, I decided not to Go all the way For Broke.  I felt lucky enough to have such a supportive friend to drive me all the way to the casino at nearly 9 o’clock on a week night to throw away money on slots, to push my luck any further.  So rather, I cashed out when I had an 8$ surplus and left before I caught the fever.






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