Day 107 – April 17th

Monday, National Bat Appreciation, Cheeseball, Haiku & Poem in Your Pocket Day,  I awoke to this view

Could do without the excavator, but I digress

Duncan and I did the Smoke Bluff trails, in the rain.

Yeah, nice try, dragons 🙄

Then had a spot of green tea and a read (yes, I’m still reading the hobbit and no, there still isn’t one female character or dog ) before hitting the sky highway back to Vancouver


Getting back to the city I was so tired and quasi zen that I almost forgot to celebrate the day literally.

Fortunately, when I looked into what shenanigans I was going to have to fuck around with in my exhausted state, I found this holiday worked out to be a 4 birds 1 stone kinda day.

I thought I would be a total cheeseball (✓) and write a haiku (✓) about how marvellous bats (✓) are, and put the poem in my pocket (✓)

Even drew a little picture!
Above and beyond here!
Also who knew there were so many god damned bats in the world

Here’s to hoping no one out there recognizes my hand writing from all the sarcastic notes I leave on people’s cars praising their inconsiderate parking jobs 🤞 !


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