Day 133 – May 13

A junior high substitute teacher,  Mr. Menell (sic), once said something that stuck with me forever…

“An apple pie without the cheese is like a hug without the squeeze”

It was the grossest thing I ever heard and his words still haunt me

I recalled Mr Menell’s (sic) old chestnut today, National Apple Pie Day, as I enthusiastically (and interuptedly) said ‘YES!!!’ to my waitress’s offer of vegan coconut vanilla ice cream with my apple pie, in case she was going to finish her sentence with “…or some cheese”

It was delicious but the ice cream far outweighed the pie in flavour and texture. Two thumbs up on that, Aphrodite’s!

Happy Apple Pie Day everyone – hope it’s full of cheese less slices !


Day 131 – May 11

There’s a new place on 4th called TurF

It’s a gym/juice bar/ coffee shop
So very Kits

I’ve been fascinated with the place since it opened because it seemed to appear out the blue one day.
I consider myself a pretty observant person and walked past the place it now stands almost everyday.
Any gym/juice bar/coffee shop THAT stealthy is worthy of my business.
I tip my hat, TurF

So for National Eat What you Want Day, I decided to check it out with James (and Duncan).

Duncan wasn’t allowed in (-1)
Inside was really well stylized (+1)
The staff was swift and friendly (+1)
Everything on the menu was healthy (+1) and not too expensive… but not a steal of a deal either (0).
There were a few vegan options (+1)

I went for the Lentil Grits Bowl – red lentils, oats, beet hummus and avocado, served with green onion, jalapeños and chickpea crackers

The concept of National Eat What You Want Day is more along the lines of a Diet Be Damned kinda thing, but I just really wanted, deep down in my heart (and stomach) to eat some hipster vegan grits.
I elicited much more joy from this bowl than I would have any cheesy veggie burger & fries combo or nacho platter

So a pat on the back to me; the world remains a better place because of my cruelty free and environmentally responsible eating habits, as does my digestive tract… And a pat on the back to TurF – I give you an overall arbitrary 3