Day 135 – May 15th

Monday May 15th was National Chocolate Chip Day

I love Chocolate Chips. They are, simply put, deadly

I throw ’em in everything I bake and eat them by the handful

Everything about them is marvellous except if they end up in your dog (Duncan once ate a Costco size bag of dark Chocolate Chips and there was a lot of puking and frantic ‘how much chocolate can an 18 lb French bulldog eat and live?’ googling)

I was tight on time Monday because I had school, practicum and then The Flaming Lips concert to attend, so I grabbed a Chocolate Chip Cookie at the Granville Island Market Terra Breads stall during a break and snapped some pics with my iPhone

Pretty lack lustre, I know but I was pressed for time

After wolfing down two of these overpriced and under flavoured Chocolate Chip Cookies in honour of the day, I got to my practicum where one of my client’s mother had sent him a batch !

I asked if I could photography them – I probably seemed a little crazy as I didn’t explain myself (didn’t really want to self disclose the blog concept to the guys, no offence)

These were much more delicious than the store bought ones. You could tasted the love. And what a coincidence !

Great day – great concert – lots of lights and inflatables 

Day 134 – May 14

Thankfully this particular Mother’s Day, I was fortunate enough to experience all consuming painful menstrual cramps!

This allowed me to be engrossed in physical anguish en lieu of the emotional kind which is prompted by every Mother’s Day now that my sister, mother of three, is dead!

Thanks Mother Nature, the most ruthless mother of all 🙂

Instead of weeping and thinking about how Rowan, Ellis and Grant have no one to give macaroni cards to or burn pancakes for every May for the rest of their little lives, I decided to partake in National Dance Like A Chicken Day, the alternative to Mother’s Day, and film Duncan impersonating a chicken to the Chicken Dance song, then eat a thing of Robaxacet

He did a terrible job but I let him think it was great. That’s what Mother’s do, amiright?