Day 143 – May 23rd

If I were to ever develop a belief in ‘signs’, today woulda been the prompt !

I hadn’t been tracking my  celebrations or even making them a priority anymore. I’ve had so many guests visiting, and between work, school and practicum placements, The Pickle and Duncan time, I was becoming half assed, if not no assed, about the whole project.

I wasn’t even considering National Lucky Penny Day – I was too busy running around the city to get my passport renewed then to my volunteering placement and trying to find and pay for parking etc etc.

After doing a second loop of the free parking lot for the centre for people with disabilities, and having found no spots, I gave in to the pay parking lot, a little further down the street.

I parked, hopped out, paid for 2 hours- bringing me to 7:26 pm – my session is over at 7:30 but figured it would be fine, and hustled to get to work. Partway there, I realized I’d left my phone in the unlocked jeep, so had to double back to get it.

When I did, I saw this little guy, waiting on the seat.

I remembered that it was National Lucky Penny Day and snapped a pic. Then put it in my breast pocket.

I proceeded to have a wonderful time with my clients, who stayed a little later than usual, chatting.

When I got back to the parking lot it was 7:32 pm.
And there was the parking cop, punching buttons in his ticket-making-machine and taking pictures of the jeep!

I ran waving my arms like a lunatic.

He said, “Oh good, I haven’t printed yet so you don’t need to worry about anything…have a nice day… or evening I guess” and giggled embarrassedly.

He was one of those acne ravaged dweeby teenagers that are so awkward it’s adorable.
My heart soared. What a sweetheart.

So lucky I caught him in the nick of time and he wasn’t an asshole.

I thanked him profusely.

Then I got back home and told Christina what had happened, chalking it up to the Lucky Penny.

She noted I was extra lucky because they are discontinued in Canada.
I had completely forgotten that! If I hadn’t found this American one in the jeep, I don’t know where I would have found another one. They are a true rarity nowadays.

What a Lucky Penny indeed!

Then I forgot about it in my shirt pocket, and tossed the shirt in the laundry. Now the washing machine makes lots of noises when it’s going !

YAY Lucky Penny!


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