Day 199- July 18

July 18th is Nelson Mandela Day 

I was gifted a book by my sister Claire’s boyfriend Anthony that was made by a Johannesburg-based collective called Umlando Wezithombe.

I thought it was important for Duncan to learn a thing or two about apartheid and racism

He didn’t quite get it, being a privileged little French Bulldog

But he thought the pictures were nice

You could also lump Nelson Mandela Day in with National Tattoo Day in both their being ‘sore spots’.

July 18th was the day my friend Mary McDonald died.

She was 32. Same as Sarah when she died. Same as I am, now.

The entire city of St. John’s is grieving. She has been written about… at great length. 

When I saw on social media that she had died, I literally refreshed the screen. I was in such a shock that I instinctually tried to refresh the story to wash away the story I wanted to unsee.

It, obviously, didn’t work.

I went on to encountered more information about her passing both online and from friends at home. I am still in a state of disbelief how this beautiful, talented, community-building, hard working angel is gone- just like that.

The photo above is on the cover of The Overcast, the local arts rag that she often wrote for and was often featured in for the many events she organized and programs she coordinated. I saw it in a stack at the grocery store and it felt like the getting the wind knocked out of my stomach.

She definitely left her mark on the world and got a lot done in her brief tenure here on earth. I am sending all my love to her friends and family and hope the pain will lessen one day.

Another reminder to try and celebrate everyday, if not literally, in whatever small way you can



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