December 22 – Day 357

National Be A Lover Of Silence Day

I would consider myself a lover of silence, undoubtedly

However Duncan really takes the cake on this one – being a deaf French bulldog and taking it in stride.

Luckily he has Herman to look up to for social cues and a jingly bear bell for off leash forest filled hikes

He sleeps soundly and probably


December 11 – Day 346

Living in Vancouver and having access to The Pickle granted me access to some surreal mountain scenery


This was the view from the vantage point on the Brohm Lake Hike I did with Graham, Kathleen and Duncan this summer


Here is a horrible photo of me, but stunning one of Duncan and some glacial mountains at Joffre Lake. It was a hot and dirty hike but, obviously, well worth it for the scene


Here is Duncan and I at One Mile Lake, where I had a swim and scrub after hiking up to Joffre Lakes while Duncan howled on the shore


This is the view from Harrison Hot Springs. James and I went there for a romantic getaway – thanks Christina for letting us take the jeep !


And this is my favourite mountain range picture – Rowan’s Art! I like to think she made it thinking of me, as I had explained I live in Vancouver where there are lots of mountains. But who knows. She doesn’t remember why.

Her father sent me this picture one day. I had had a meeting with the Sarah’s Cards board members and we had discussed having a colour palette for the next edition to keep some uniformity. When I saw this piece of work, I thought “This is going to be Rowan’s contributing card and this will be the pallet”. And everyone agreed. And it was a great choice.


So, because I couldn’t get out and enjoy the mountains as I would have liked, I decided to make a little homage to the mountains for my cousin Jessica’s upcoming birthday.

I’d seen these kicking around the Pinterest-osphere so I thought I should get around to making one. I free handed everything. Pro tip- buy a cheap $3 bed pillow from Wal-Mart instead of ‘professional craft filling’ from a sewing shop. Also following the instructions that involve sewing the white/snow part first. I skipped over that and it was an ordeal




National Mountain Day well spent!


December 5 – Day 340

Now this is hilarious

I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted black skinny jeans. And then I got ’em. In fact, I have several pairs. In fact, in fact, in fact, I have ONLY black skinny jeans.

What prompted this desire?

The Ramones.

The iconic photo of the guys, wearing leather jackets and black skinny jeans was the aesthetic I was in pursuit of

Blue jeans, not so much. I have one pair. But I think they are lame.



Usually this iconic photo is in black and white


What a fool am I

Anyway, I deck Duncan out in a pair of blue jeans for  because he looks better in them




November 15 – Day 320

National Pickle Day!

I couldn’t bring myself to eat an actual pickle because they are appalling to me

SO I want to take the day to give a shout out to The Pickle!


You may have seen it on tv! Or in older blog postsolder blog posts !
Christina and Daniel’s Dodge Tradesman camper van that they own and renovated, yet I reaped alllllll the benefits of


We Airbnb’d that puppy most of the year and then Duncan and I went on several trips.
I also drove it to Kelowna to move my buddy Joe there for university.


We have had our peaks and valleys – our landlord gave us all kinds of grief over the Airbnb business. Our Airbnb guests gave us grief just with their uselessness and stupidity. On the road, The Pickle stalled on more than one occasion and in more than one hairy intersection.


But the joy The Pickle brought was always worth it.


Christina and I custom made curtains for The Pickle! Hand carved and hand stamped beauties


I also made some custom art work for it’s cedar planked walls

FullSizeRender 34.jpg

Duncan was always a reliable co pilot on all our adventures


The Pickle has made its way home to Kitimat and I may never have the chance to use her so freely every again, but I want to thank Christina and Daniel for their seemingly limitless generosity with it. My life goal is to own my own Pickle one day.


November 5 – Day 310

National Donut Day

L. O. L

Jokes on you, National Holiday Calendar: EVERYDAY is National Donut Day!

Hell, it was National Donut Day on June 2nd as well

I kid you not

But I don’t care


I relish the opportunity to eat a donut and make a blog post about it

Went to good ol’ faithful dog friendly Cartems and sampled their vegan fare. This was their monthly feature “The Main”

FullSizeRender 36


October 28 – Day 302

National Chocolate Day

I scrambled about the kitchen trying to find a chocolate thing I haven’t ‘covered’ in my daily celebratory journey.
A Costco sized bag of bittersweet chocolate chips was all my cupboards had to offer.
It triggered a painful memory –  Duncan once ate a whole bag of these by mousing his way into our bottom cupboard.
He dragged the bag into the living room and into his doggy bed, then ate his hearts delight, rolling about them like Scrooge McDuck in a swimming pool of gold coins.

He was in his glee.
We were in absolute horror.
He is 18 pounds.
The cocoa percentage was 80%.
Cocoa is a neurotoxin for dogs.
He got sick. He puked and puked and shook and shook. We were up all night. He quivered and was weak with illness.


And look who was ready to go for round 2 when I was photographing this handful ??
Special thanks to the random Instagram follower who felt the need to explain chocolate is poisonous to dogs.

So rather than reflect on that horrific night that we nearly lost little Duncan, I encourage everyone to revisit the highlight reel of chocolate themed holidays !

Like National Chocolate Cupcake Day!


…or National Bittersweet Chocolate Day


and National Chocolate Mousse Day


But don’t forget National Chocolate Truffle Day


 National Chocolate Pudding Day!


October 12 – Day 286

World Sight Day

I’m blessed with the gift of sight, albeit not 20/20, it is still sight and is corrigible with glasses and contacts. More on that matter here.

Little Duncan might not be able to hear, but thank god he can see.
Here he is looking fabulous sporting a ‘glasses’ sticker from an app


October 7 – Day 281

It was cold.
It was rainy.
It was not National Frappe Day in my heart.
But it was National Frappe Day on, and I’m it’s bitch so here we go…

I went in to the neighbourhood Starbucks (yuck, I know) and had a gander at their Frappe menu

Overwhelmed by the seemingly endless combinations of  coffee, chocolate, peppermint and caramel, I settled on a good old fashioned

Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino® Blended Beverage

I say to whatshisname behind the counter that I would like a Pumpkin Spice Frappe made with coconut milk please and he responds, with an all too smug smirk, that they don’t do ‘frappes’ here, that’s McDonald’s (he is haute couture and I am so white trash). I was like aren’t you all soulless multinational corporations that underpay and over work your employees and wreak havoc on the environment and local businesses?

Anyway I ended up with a Frappuccino® Blended Beverage in the end

It was pretty gross, which I was prepared for

I tried to pawn it off on Duncan but even he was leery of the strange scent and flavour

Would have preferred not shelling out $7 on icy sugary guck, but somebody’s gotta celebrate everyday literally