December 11 – Day 346

Living in Vancouver and having access to The Pickle granted me access to some surreal mountain scenery


This was the view from the vantage point on the Brohm Lake Hike I did with Graham, Kathleen and Duncan this summer


Here is a horrible photo of me, but stunning one of Duncan and some glacial mountains at Joffre Lake. It was a hot and dirty hike but, obviously, well worth it for the scene


Here is Duncan and I at One Mile Lake, where I had a swim and scrub after hiking up to Joffre Lakes while Duncan howled on the shore


This is the view from Harrison Hot Springs. James and I went there for a romantic getaway – thanks Christina for letting us take the jeep !


And this is my favourite mountain range picture – Rowan’s Art! I like to think she made it thinking of me, as I had explained I live in Vancouver where there are lots of mountains. But who knows. She doesn’t remember why.

Her father sent me this picture one day. I had had a meeting with the Sarah’s Cards board members and we had discussed having a colour palette for the next edition to keep some uniformity. When I saw this piece of work, I thought “This is going to be Rowan’s contributing card and this will be the pallet”. And everyone agreed. And it was a great choice.


So, because I couldn’t get out and enjoy the mountains as I would have liked, I decided to make a little homage to the mountains for my cousin Jessica’s upcoming birthday.

I’d seen these kicking around the Pinterest-osphere so I thought I should get around to making one. I free handed everything. Pro tip- buy a cheap $3 bed pillow from Wal-Mart instead of ‘professional craft filling’ from a sewing shop. Also following the instructions that involve sewing the white/snow part first. I skipped over that and it was an ordeal




National Mountain Day well spent!


November 19 – Day 324

It was National Rocky & Bullwinkle Day and I had no idea how to celebrate it other than to make a time lapse video of myself drawing the dynamic duo

FullSizeRender 35.jpg

And looking up some fun facts:

Aside from their gift for puns, Rocky and Bullwinkle each had talents that served them well in their adventures. Rocky, a flying squirrel, could glide, hover and carry objects through the air. He honed these skills at the Cedar Yorpantz Flying School. Bullwinkle possessed superhuman strength, referred to as his “mighty moose muscle,” and the ability to remember every single thing he ever ate

FullSizeRender 36.jpg


October 10 – Day 284

Once upon a time,  I made a sick Drake Cake for my bff Steph’s birthday

This National Cake Decorating Day, I accomplished no such feat

Here is a lousy time lapse video of the artist at work

This is the end result

Yes, white chocolate chips haphazardly stuck onto a store bought chocolate cake

October 5 – Day 279

National Do Something Nice Day !

What a welcomed reprieve from the usual eat-something-I-usually-wouldn’t-style of day

I have been making these little ‘rainbows’ using yarn and embroidery thread. I took it up a notch today by picking up some jewelry supplies and making one into a necklace

I thought it would be a cute little going away gift for my friend Hannah who is moving back to Germany

I overestimated the chain length and have to buy some wire cutters to adjust so that it doesn’t hang so low, but other than that I think I had a highly productive Do Something Nice Day !

Day 182 – HALF WAY DAY

July 1st is the half way point of the entire year – 182 spins around the sun of the allotted 365 spins we call a ‘year’.

It’s an official day too – called National Half Way Day

It was also Canada Day – Canada’s 150th to be exact.

Well not really, when you factor in that First Nations have lived here well beyond that and also Newfoundland didn’t join until 1949 so like,  not exact whatsoever.

Thirdly it was National Creative Ice Cream Flavour Day!

So I had a lot on the proverbial plate here.

It was a gorgeous day in Vancouver, as it has been for quite some time now- it’s the new default setting – sunshine and warmth. I was most excited about celebrating the half way point of this project!

Kathleen and I went to see a play near the UBC botanical gardens, “Th’owxiya: The Hungry Feast Dish” performed by Axis Theatre

The screen play author and cast were all First Nations, and because it was on “Canada Day”, we thought it was going to be a really politically charged theatre production going down and couldn’t wait.

It turned out to be more so a children’s story.  Quite off the mark there.

Still nice.

Then we went to Arbor and had lunch – deep fried artichoke sandwich with eggplant bacon and macadamia nut ‘cheese’. Divine.

THEN we went to a brand new ice cream place that serves vegan ice cream.


Their vegan selection were Strawberry Coconut, Toasted Marshmallow (which I’ve had before and LOOOOOVED), Lime Coconut and Coffee.

Besides Toasted Marshmallow, I felt coffee was the most creative flavour so I went for it.


Holy McMoly, it was incredible. I can’t get enough of this stuff.

Kathleen went for an Affogato – coffee ice cream with espresso. It too was amazing .

Then I had to go to work and it was dead for the entire time until midnight when I got completely rocked by myself and a patron had to jump on bar and help.

Happy Canada Day etc !


Day 180 – June 29

Shout out to one of the best gifts I ever received

I was travelling through South America and had a Canon Powershot, which was a simple contraption that took great photos. It served me well until I was hiking a volcano in a rain storm in Ecuador and my Gore-Tex water proof Arcteryx coat failed me and the camera ended up completely saturated.

James was going to meet me in Peru and I told him to bring me down another one. Instead he got me an even better camera and all the fixings!

So today, National Camera Day, I’d like to thank Canon cameras for making some great, easy to use, cameras and thank this guy for serving me well for the past 7 ish years, but also, more specifically for being vital for and my everydayliterally Instagram account.

Without it’s professional touch, I think I’d look like a total hack!

How did I take a picture of my camera without a camera, you might be wondering…

… a magician never reveals her secrets 😉


Day 136 – May 16th

World Drawing Day ! 

You’d think this one would be a cinch, having a BFA and pursuing an Art Therapy Diploma. But alas, I too fall victim to I-Don’t-Know-What-To-Drawitus.

I hemmed and hawed for quite some time before just giving in to drawing Beyonce from the Formation video (which I’ve drawn before, photos below).

I just love it; her, one of the wealthiest self made women in the world and black,  standing in front of a plantation, flipping off the world.  The hat. The jewelry. The message.

Pure gold


So I went for it again. Fuck it. Just a quick sketch with pencil, one hand holding the iPhone to film, the other scratching out the image in a frenzy. Please enjoy and remember

Always stay gracious, your best revenge is paper – Bey



Day 107 – April 17th

Monday, National Bat Appreciation, Cheeseball, Haiku & Poem in Your Pocket Day,  I awoke to this view

Could do without the excavator, but I digress

Duncan and I did the Smoke Bluff trails, in the rain.

Yeah, nice try, dragons 🙄

Then had a spot of green tea and a read (yes, I’m still reading the hobbit and no, there still isn’t one female character or dog ) before hitting the sky highway back to Vancouver


Getting back to the city I was so tired and quasi zen that I almost forgot to celebrate the day literally.

Fortunately, when I looked into what shenanigans I was going to have to fuck around with in my exhausted state, I found this holiday worked out to be a 4 birds 1 stone kinda day.

I thought I would be a total cheeseball (✓) and write a haiku (✓) about how marvellous bats (✓) are, and put the poem in my pocket (✓)

Even drew a little picture!
Above and beyond here!
Also who knew there were so many god damned bats in the world

Here’s to hoping no one out there recognizes my hand writing from all the sarcastic notes I leave on people’s cars praising their inconsiderate parking jobs 🤞 !


Day 99 – April 9

This was yet another frazzle dazzle day

I had school all day until 5 and had to get to a store, across town, before it closed at 6 to pick up supplies for my practicum, because it was immediately after school the next day on Monday and there was not an iota of time in between.

It was National Cherish an Antique Day.

I was wiped and the last thing I wanted to do was go find an antique to cherish. Everything is closed or closed earlier than school let out because it was  Sunday and because Vancouver is the city that most definitely sleeps.

After rushing about to buy a bunch of art supplies for recovering alcoholics, I got home and had to figure out what to do to celebrate. I am somewhat of an antique aficionado, but have nothing of that nature here in Van city to ‘cherish’.

Then I saw this playful foolish ceramic cat that I bought at a thrift store sitting on our bar cart and decided to assume it an antique.

Isn’t it sweet? I feel like whatever kind of cat this is the feline equivalent to Herman.
It has no MADE IN CHINA insignia on it and it seems old so I think I’m in the clear. Chill, Antique Police.

Also, through my Instagram perusing of all the #nationalcherishanantiqueday posts, I stumbled upon the woman that actually registered the holiday.
It was like meeting a celebrity. Except I didn’t meet her.

In fact she didn’t even respond when I told her that she was awesome for creating a national holiday.

So maybe it was more like seeing one of the cast from Jersey Shore get in a cab from across the street. They are all total d-bags, so I hear.